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Collection: Halloween

Ahoy, lovers of oceanic horror and deep-sea jokes! 🏴‍☠️🎃

Halloween under the sea: Where the waves mingle with terror

In the heart of the abyss, where sunlight does not reach, the legends of a marine Halloween come to life. Each year, while the land world bustles with ghosts, witches and pumpkins, the depths of the ocean offer an equally mysterious, but significantly wetter, celebration.

Cursed Treasures: When glamor meets grotesque

The ocean floor hides many treasures, some brilliant, others... cursed.

Coral pumpkins: Beauty from beyond the grave

Dive into the heart of mystical reefs, where traditional pumpkins take on new shapes. These pumpkins, bathed in bioluminescent light, oscillate between coral and gem, offering a dazzling spectacle. They embody the perfect balance between the glamor of sea treasures and the strange nature of the Halloween season.

Cursed pearls and haunted jewelry

Imagine necklaces made of pearls that once belonged to missing mermaids or rings that whisper curses. Our Halloween accessories pay homage to these cursed objects, with each piece of jewelry telling a terrifying yet fascinating story.

Myths and monsters of the abyss

Stories of the deep are as old as the ocean itself. They talk about mysterious creatures and missing ships.

The Kraken and its legends

The Kraken, this sprawling beast of the deep, is the undisputed star of our collection. Inspired by its many arms and gargantuan size, we have created a range of products that will capture the very essence of this mythical creature, while adding a humorous touch unique to the season.

Mermaids and ghost sailors

Who could resist the haunting song of a siren or the melancholy call of a lost sailor? Our sets and costumes inspired by these marine legends will transport you to a world where reality and fantasy become one.

Sailing on haunted waters: Thrills guaranteed

The underwater world is not only populated with monsters and treasures, it also offers an abundance of scary adventures.

The challenges of the Treasure Sea

Ready for a terrifying treasure hunt? Or maybe for an underwater enigma? Our Halloween games and challenges will test your courage, intelligence and sense of humor.

Humor of the abyss

The depths of the ocean are full of jokes and funny stories. Our products are sure to make you smile, even if it's a slightly nervous smile. Who knew vampire clownfish had such a sense of humor?

Diving into the unknown...

While the emerging world is frightened by the strange and the unusual, we, at Mer-aux-Trésors, celebrate these curiosities with undisguised joy. Embark with us for an underwater adventure like no other. Where every treasure discovered brings you closer to an enigma, every monster evokes a legend, and every laugh resonates in the dark depths. Halloween is upon us, and the sea is calling us. Do you dare to respond to his song? 🌊