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Collection: Seal plush

Seal plush

Ahoy, sailors and lovers of marine animals ! Welcome to the Sea of ​​Treasures, where we have unearthed for you the rare pearl of the oceans, the most fabulous and cuddly seal stuffed animals ! Here you will discover creatures as gentle as the offshore wind, ready to accompany you on your adventures and to warm you during the cool nights at sea!

Our charming seal stuffed animals have been captured - not by ruthless pirates , but by marine wildlife enthusiasts - for your greatest pleasure and that of your budding sailors. Each plush seal is made with high-quality materials, strong enough to withstand the fiercest storms , yet soft enough to provide a comforting hug.

So, hoist the black flag, set sail for our treasure of seal stuffed animals and adopt a companion who will accompany you on your maritime wanderings. Don't wait for these adorable creatures to disappear into the depths of the ocean - cast off and come discover them now!

Why have your own seal-shaped plush toy?

Yarr, sailors! If you are wondering why you absolutely need a seal plush toy from Mer Aux Trésors, let me tell you the reasons that will make your pirate heart capsize.

Companions of the Seven Seas

First of all, a plush toy in the shape of a seal is the perfect companion to brave raging oceans and raging storms. Their fluffy coat and their touching gaze will comfort you during dark, lonely nights at sea.

The Cozy Buccaneers

Our stuffed seals are the best cuddly buccaneers you can find. Made with high quality materials, they are both strong and cuddly. They will keep you warm during the freezing nights spent scanning the horizon, looking for ships to board.

The Smugglers of Tenderness

These adorable creatures are true smugglers of tenderness, capable of bringing you comfort and sweetness after a day of pillaging and boarding. A hug from one of these stuffed seals, and you'll forget all the worries of pirate life.

The Admirals of Decoration

Don't underestimate the decorative power of these seal plush toys! Hang them from the helm of your ship, place them on your treasure chest, or use them as cushions in your cabin. These decoration admirals will bring a maritime and original touch to your pirate den.

Messengers of Love from the Oceans

By adopting a seal plush toy from Mer Aux Trésors, you will become a true ambassador of the love of the oceans. Show your pirate friends and loved ones that you cherish and respect the creatures that inhabit the deep sea.

How to take care of your stuffed seal?

Have you got your hands on a precious seal plush toy from La Mer Aux Trésors and are you wondering how to take care of it ? Let me tell you the secrets to keeping your sea companion fresh and clean as a whistle!

Seal Bathing: Hand Wash

Despite their love for water , our stuffed seals prefer to avoid long dives in the washing machine. To clean them, opt for bathing by hand! Immerse your companion in a bath of lukewarm water with a little mild soap . Scrub gently and rinse it with clean water. Your stuffed seal will come out fresh and clean, ready to sail off to new adventures!

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Dancing in the Sun: Natural Drying

Our stuffed seals love to dry off while dancing in the sun 's rays. Avoid the dryer and place your companion in a well-ventilated area, away from direct heat. It will regain its softness and suppleness in no time, ready to warm you on cool nights at sea.

Brushing Lofoten: Coat Maintenance

From time to time, it is a good idea to brush the fur of your stuffed seal to keep it as silky as a real Lofoten seal. Use a soft brush to remove any knots and dirt. Your stuffed seal will thus retain its new appearance and softness for many years.

The Pirate Hunt: Protection from Undesirables

Pirates aren't the only ones who love treasure , so do unwanted little creatures! To protect your precious stuffed seal, place a sachet of lavender or cedar in your treasure chest or near where he sleeps. These smells will keep away moths and other pests that might be interested in your sea companion.

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Hull Inspection: Seam Inspection

Remember to regularly inspect the seams of your plush toy, just as you would the hull of your ship. If you notice a loose thread or hole, grab your needles and thread and repair the damage. This will keep your stuffed seal strong and ready to weather the fiercest storms.

Follow these care tips and your plush toy will remain the perfect sea companion for many years. Yarr, good luck!