Fête des pères

Mother's Day May 26

Find the perfect gift for your mom 💙

Mother's Day May 26

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  • Marine jewelry 💍

    Our jewelry, treasures of the deep sea: rare shells, shiny pearls, corals carved by waves and tides. From necklace to ring, by Blackbeard!

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  • Marine stuffed animals 🐋

    Our deep sea plush toys capture the soul and charm of the world's sea beasts. Neat creations, by the Kraken!

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  • Marine decoration 🖼️

    Discover our collection where shells, fishing nets and rudders transform your interior into an elegant ship ready to cast off!

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    Que du haut de gamme !

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Captain's new features

Discover our latest oceanic finds, treasures straight from the abyss to enchant your daily life and sail on the wave of new products!

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Our missions

  • Let's celebrate marine diversity

  • 2% of sales for the oceans

  • Let's protect the planet together

Shell necklace

Embellish your outfit with a shell necklace, a refined piece of jewelry that captures the essence of the ocean and brings a touch of beach to your everyday style

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Shark tooth necklaces

Add a touch of adventure to your style with our shark tooth necklaces, bold pieces that evoke the mysteries of the deep sea 🦈

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Marine clothing

Sail in style with our line of marine clothing, designed to combine comfort and style on land and at sea ⚓

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Un couple de surfeurs - Mer Aux Trésors

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If you love Mer Aux Trésors and are looking for a way to preserve the oceans, why not join our community of ambassadors ?

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  • We donate 2% of our sales to preserve our oceans

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