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Collection: Sailor cap

Sailor cap - Mer Aux Trésors

Ahoy, seasoned sailors and sailors! Weigh anchor and set sail for our collection of sailor caps! Cast off and let yourself be lulled by the waves of humor and style that wash over these sea dog headdresses.

Have you always dreamed of being the master aboard your own ship , but without the chores and perilous maritime adventures? Well, dear friends, the Sea of ​​Treasures has what you need! Our collection of sailor caps will take you to the seven seas of elegance and relaxation.

What's better than a sailor's cap to protect your precious treasure – your head, of course – from sunburn and salt spray? Maybe by wearing one of these caps, you'll feel the sea breeze brushing against your face and hear the clanking of masts and guy lines, even if you're in the heart of the urban jungle.

So, hoist high, sailors, and dive into the ocean of good deals that we have prepared for you! You will discover sailor caps for all tastes, whether classic, original, humorous or even colorful .

Put on your sailor's cap and embark on an adventure full of humor and style on the Mer Aux Trésors online store. Whether you're an old seaman or a young sailor, we have what you need to raise the flag of fashion and fun. So, let's board!

Sailor caps for men and women 🌊

Ahoy sailors! Grab your tissues and get ready to laugh out loud, because today we're going to explain to you why it's time to cast off and adopt the men's and women's sailor cap from Mer Aux Trésors. Be ready to sail on the raging waters of humor, and don't worry if you are prone to seasickness , because here, you will only be sick from laughing!

The hat that says “Yes” to the tide

Why on earth choose the men's and women's navy cap from Mer Aux Trésors? Well, first of all, because it's perfect for saying "yes" to the tide... literally! With its unique shape, this cap allows you to nod your head in approval every time the tide comes in, creating a harmonious communication between you and the ocean . And who has never dreamed of chatting with the waves?

A headgear worthy of the greatest pirates

By wearing a Breton sailor cap , you will be worthy of the greatest pirates of the sea. You will thus be able to set out to capture hearts and minds, armed with your sense of humor and your irresistible charm. And who knows, maybe you will find the hidden treasure... of friendship!

A cap that smells of the sea

One of the biggest advantages of this cap is that it smells like sea. Not literally, of course! But when you wear it, you will smell like a scent of adventure and freedom . You'll feel like you're sailing on the waves, even if you're stuck in traffic or at the office. Put it on, and you're embarked on an imaginary journey on the high seas, where laughter is the only wind that blows in your sails.

To make waves... to laugh

Finally, let's not forget that the men's and women 's navy cap from Mer Aux Trésors is a real magnet for smiles. Its original and quirky design is sure to make waves... laugh with your loved ones and colleagues. So don't wait any longer, take the plunge and adopt this cap that will bring sunshine into your life and that of those around you!

How to wear a sailor cap? 🌊

Raising the flag for sailor fashion

We're going to drop anchor on the island of style and give you some tips for wearing a sailor cap with panache. Get ready to embark on a hilarious journey through trends and accessories , where men and women can sail together on the waves of elegance!

The wide open sea of ​​matching clothes

To begin, you must choose the clothes that will highlight your sailor cap. Don't panic, you don't have to wear a captain's uniform to be in style! Instead, opt for casual, maritime outfits, like chinos, canvas shorts or a light striped dress. And if you really want to feel like a true sea dog, don't hesitate to add a sailor top to your wardrobe!

Navigate an ocean of accessories

A navy cap would be nothing without the accessories that accompany it. To complete your style, consider a nice pair of sunglasses, a scarf tied around your neck, or even an anchor charm bracelet . Without forgetting, of course, the traditional compass to help you navigate the twists and turns of fashion (and perhaps even find your way to the buffet at your next party!).

The flagship of colors to match

To be sure to shine brightly with your sailor cap, it is important to choose the right colors. Opt for shades that evoke the sea and the sky, such as navy blue , white or gray. But if you're feeling like a daring pirate, don't hesitate to add a touch of red, yellow or green to spice up your outfit and draw all eyes to you. After all, a good sailor is not afraid to take risks!

Focus on gender equality

The sailor cap is an accessory that doesn't care about gender. Men and women can wear it with pride and style, adapting it to their desires and personality. So whether you are an old bearded sea dog or an elegant mermaid , don't hesitate to raise the colors of marine fashion high and show your love of adventure and the open sea!