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Collection: Marine watch

Marine watch - Mer Aux Trésors

Ahoy, sailors and captains of the high seas! Sail to the island of style and precision with the marine watch collection from Mer Aux Trésors, the official purveyor of aquatic adventures and well-kept time!

Let's set sail and set off to discover these jewels that have crossed the oceans of time to nestle on your wrist. Between winds and tides, our collection will seduce you with its diversity and quality. You will never be late to hoist the black flag , sailors!

Cast off and drop anchor on our range of watches, as varied as the fish of the seven seas:

  1. The Orion Compass - with its integrated compass, this watch is the ideal ally for intrepid navigators.
  2. The Silver Mermaid - this waterproof watch, with pearly reflections, is as captivating as the songs of the sirens.
  3. The Twilight Kraken - with its sprawling design, this watch is perfect for fans of the mysteries of the deep.
  4. The Horizon of the Trade Winds - with its sundial, this eco-responsible watch will be your guide to sailing towards a greener future.
  5. Captain Timebeard - with its golden chain and dial decorated with skulls, this watch asserts the style of the most daring pirates.

Head to our website and choose your favorite marine watch, before casting off to set sail on new adventures . Don't worry, sailors, our watches will accompany you in the most tumultuous waters as well as in the calmest moments. So, hoist high and good luck!

Why choose a watch with the image of the oceans from Mer Aux Trésors?

Hoist high, freshwater sailors and old sea dogs! Let me tell you why choosing a watch with the image of the oceans is the best idea you'll have had since you dropped anchor on this earth. So, take out your telescopes and dive into this hair-raising adventure!

The call of the sea on your wrist

Embark on an imaginary journey with every glance of your marine watch. What's better than having a constant reminder of raging waves, sea salt and sea spray to awaken your adventurous soul? An ocean -themed watch instantly transports you to the waters, even when you're stuck in the captain's cabin (or your office).

A treasure trove of history and know-how

Marine watches are the legacy of centuries of navigation and exploration. By wearing such a piece, you are wearing a piece of history on your wrist. Watchmaking know-how, passed down from generation to generation, reflects the skills of ancient navigators . So you will feel in harmony with the soul of great explorers and legendary pirates.

A sea of ​​styles for all tastes

Whether you are a bold pirate, an elegant privateer , or a discreet angler, the diversity of marine watch models will meet your expectations. From dials adorned with treasure maps to braided rope-style bracelets, you will find the watch that will capsize your heart in the Mer Aux Trésors collection.

A compass for time and fashion

Sailing in style isn't just for ship captains! With a marine watch, you will always be at the forefront of fashion. These unique and daring accessories make you a true trend explorer, without fear of sinking into oblivion.

A crew of practical functions

A marine watch is not only beautiful, it is also functional. Compass, water resistance , or even solar compass , each watch has its advantages to accompany you in your land and sea adventures. Don't underestimate the power of these valuable tools, they might just save the day in the middle of a sandstorm... or a meeting!

So, sailors, what are you waiting for, drop anchor and adopt a watch bearing the image of the oceans? With such a piece on your wrist, you will be ready to face everyday challenges with the bravery of a seasoned sailor. Weigh anchor, and let the adventure begin!

What does the Mer Aux Trésors marine watch collection contain?

Let me reveal to you the secrets of the Montre Marine de Mer Aux Trésors collection, a true treasure for lovers of the seas and oceans. Prepare to dive into an ocean of surprises and discover the gems hidden in the depths of this unique collection.

The Filibuster of Time - The Pirate Watch

Proudly displaying a skull and crossed sabers on its dial, the Pirate Watch is a piece of jewelry worthy of a true buccaneer. Its aged leather strap and sword-shaped hands transport you directly to the deck of a pirate ship, ready to board. With this loot on your wrist , you will always be ready to weigh anchor for new adventures!

The Nautical Parade - Marine Animals

Dive into the depths with the series of watches with marine animal motifs, a true nautical parade. Each watch highlights a creature from the abyss , from the majestic dolphin to the mysterious jellyfish, including the adorable turtle. Each of these pieces is a tribute to the beauty and diversity of marine wildlife , and every time you wear them, you will ride a wave of love for nature.

The Mermaid Ballet - Bewitching Watches

Let yourself be charmed by the Envoûtantes Watches, a series of watches inspired by mermaids , these mythical creatures that inhabit the oceans and legends. Their iridescent dials and bracelets with changing reflections will give you the impression of diving into an enchanted universe, where marine magic operates with every beat of a second.

The Odyssey of Shipwrecks - Sunken Treasures

With the Odyssée des Épaves watch series, you dive into the heart of the mysteries of the seabed. Each watch in this collection is inspired by a legendary shipwreck, submerged in the abyss and covered in hidden treasures. Their dials with patterns of shells and gold coins will make you dream of past adventures and transport you to a world where pirate tales come true.

The Navigators' Compass - The Explorers' Ally

The Navigators ' Compass is a watch that combines elegance and functionality, with its integrated compass and its luminous dial that shines in the night, like a lighthouse guiding sailors to a safe port. This watch is the ideal companion for intrepid travelers, those who navigate through the storms of life, without ever losing their direction.