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Collection: Wax

Waxed - Sea of ​​Treasures y, sailors ! Hoist the mainsail and take out your binoculars, because I'm going to tell you a crazy story, that of the fabulous collection of raincoats from the Mer Aux Trésors !

Once upon a time, in the deepest abysses , where fish sing and rum bottles are never empty, a shop like no other. Among pearls and shells , La Mer Aux Trésors unveils its new collection of oilskins, worthy of the greatest buccaneers!

Hear, hear, freshwater sailors and old sea dogs! In this collection, you'll discover treasures that will make even the kraken green with envy. Embark on a journey with the winds and tides, discovering the different products found there:

  • The Tempête marine oilskin, for the days when the ocean is raging and the sea spray hits your face.

  • The Ciré Sirocco , for adventurers who are not afraid to brave the hot winds of the desert seas.

  • The Captain's Raincoat, for proud sailors who sail the waves with elegance and authority.

  • The Pirate Raincoat, for those who dream of boarding the boat and stealing priceless treasures.

  • And finally, the Mermaid Raincoat , an enchanting creation that will allow you to blend in with sea creatures and swim gracefully beneath the waves.

So, hoist high, sailors! And may the winds be favorable to you in this quest for the perfect raincoat. Head to the Sea of ​​Treasures, where each item of clothing is a treasure just waiting for you to set sail!

Why choose a marine raincoat from Mer Aux Trésors?

Ahoy, companions of fortune! Whether you are an intrepid captain , a courageous sailor or a simple lover of the sea spray, let me tell you the reasons why a raincoat is essential equipment for sailing on the waves . Embark with me on a journey that is as fun as it is informative, punctuated with valuable advice.

The spell of the Inscrutable

When the skies get angry and the drops of water beat the decks of our ships, only a marine oilskin can protect you from the moods of Neptune. Thanks to its waterproof armor, you can brave torrential rains and raging waves without fear of turning into a sea sponge.

The secret of the Taming Wind

The raincoats have a magical gift to face the most violent winds , such as the formidable trade winds and the terrible mistralades. Their fitted cut and durable materials allow you to fight against gusts and stay on course, even when the wind blows like the breath of a sea dragon.

The enigma of Unalterable Elegance

Sailing the oceans does not have to be synonymous with sloppiness in clothing, my dear friends. A raincoat, with its clean lines and shimmering colors, will give you an elegance worthy of the greatest explorers. Both practical and aesthetic, it will accompany you in all your adventures, whether maritime or land .

The miracle of Legendary Sustainability

What's more frustrating than seeing your equipment wear and tear during storms and naval battles ? Marine oilskins, for their part, have the longevity of the giant Galapagos tortoises. Designed to withstand bad weather and the onslaught of time, they will faithfully accompany you on your wanderings, without ever failing.

How to wear a raincoat?

Get ready to navigate the art of wearing a raincoat. Whether you are seasoned or novice, let me guide you through this story which will reveal the secrets to proudly displaying your raincoat in all circumstances .

The pact with the mysterious Press Button

The raincoat has an unexpected ally: the press button . This little genius mechanism allows you to close your raincoat in the blink of an eye, while keeping it snug against capricious winds. To wear your raincoat with elegance, make sure to align the snaps correctly, as if you were attaching the sails of your ship.

The incantation of the Protective Hood

In the unforgiving world of the ocean, the hood is a precious shield against the raging elements. To avoid being caught off guard by a sudden downpour or freezing wind, make sure your hood is always ready for use. Adjust it to your head using the magic cords , and you're ready to face the whims of Mother Nature .

The Secret Art of Unfathomable Pockets

The raincoat conceals mysterious pockets, capable of swallowing up unsuspected treasures . To wear your raincoat with style and practicality, don't hesitate to use these precious storage spaces. Slip in your nautical chart , your compass or even a few gold coins, and be ready to draw out these essential objects for any good sailor in an instant.

The Harmony of Colors ritual

Wearing a raincoat is an art that is also appreciated through the choice of colors . To be the most elegant of sailors, dare to use bold colors and harmonious contrasts. Whether you opt for a canary yellow , ocean blue or corsair red raincoat, be sure to match the other elements of your outfit for a look worthy of the greatest sailors.

The conundrum of Clever Superposition

The raincoat is a versatile garment , capable of adapting to all seasons and all temperatures. To never be caught off guard, master the art of layering : wear your sailor's raincoat over a sailor's sweater, a checked shirt or a simple t-shirt . This way, you will be ready to face climatic variations with elegance and ingenuity.

The raincoat for women, to look like a mermaid

Ahoy, sailors and navigators! Get ready to hoist the sails and sail on the tumultuous waves of marine fashion. I am your captain for this sparkling and humorous journey, discovering women 's raincoats.

La Mermaid Fashion: The Secrets of the Women's Raincoat

Hidden beneath the waves, a mysterious and elegant creature turns all heads: the fashion mermaid . Discover how she puts on her women's raincoat with grace, even with her fishtail! Dive with us into the depths of marine fashion to reveal the secrets of this essential trend.

The Style Crew: Why Wear a Sailor Raincoat for Women

Browse through the reasons that make women's raincoats the ideal ally for any sea adventurer. Protection against bad weather, impenetrable windbreaker and unalterable elegance , the raincoat is the essential equipment to face the whims of Neptune in style.

The Compass of Elegance: How to Wear a Raincoat

Follow the course of elegance thanks to our magic compass which will guide you in the art of wearing a women's raincoat. From choosing colors to tips for fitting it properly, we will reveal the secrets to proudly displaying your raincoat in all circumstances, whether you are on the deck of a ship or on dry land.

The Pearls of Fashion: Colors

In this ocean of style, colors are the most precious pearls. Let yourself be carried away by the flow of vibrant shades , harmonious contrasts and subtle nuances to create your women's raincoat outfit. From “Starfish” yellow to “Coral Reef” blue, you won’t be able to do without these mouth-watering colors.

The Grimoire of the Raincoat: Advice for Choosing your Raincoat

You don't need to be an expert in navigation to master the art of raincoats! With our simple and fun grimoire, you will discover how to choose the right raincoat, wear it with elegance and match it with the rest of your wardrobe . No more fashion faux-pas and sartorial disasters!