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A surf bracelet

Ahoy, sailors! Welcome aboard the Sea of ​​Treasures ship, where you'll find the best sellers in our collection, straight from the depths of the ocean. Get ready to explore a world of the sea filled with jewelry, shells, stuffed animals, decorations and much more. So, arm yourself with your binoculars and follow me, because our adventure begins here!

Marine jewelry that will make you drop anchor

Do you dream of wearing the riches of the ocean around your neck, your wrists or your fingers? Discover our collection of sea jewelry , designed for the most elegant pirates and the most flirtatious mermaids. Whether you're looking for a shell necklace, nautical bracelet, or dolphin ring, we've got what you need to shine like buried treasure.

Shells, treasures hidden in the depths

Ah, the shells! These little treasures that we discover on the beaches after storms, which remind us of the mysteries of marine life. Dive into our selection of shells to decorate your home, create jewelry or simply to collect them. You will be the proudest pirate with these natural treasures at your fingertips.

Adopt a stuffed sea animal to sail with you

There's nothing like a faithful companion to accompany you on your adventures across the seven seas. Meet our adorable sea animal stuffed animals , just waiting to join your crew. Whether it's a smiling dolphin, a long- tentacled octopus or a ferocious shark , these soft and cuddly creatures are ready to embark with you.

Transform your den into a real marine Ali Baba's cave

When you return from your ocean adventures, it's important to have a place to relax and admire the treasures you've amassed. Browse our collection of marine decorations to add a touch of the sea to your interior. Paintings, sculptures and decorative objects in the colors of the ocean await you to transform your home into a real pirate's den.

Marine bracelets, to never forget the call of the open sea

The ocean is an irresistible call for any good self-respecting pirate, and what better than a sailor's bracelet to remember this passion? Choose from our selection of marine bracelets, adorned with charms in the shape of an anchor, rudder or even a compass, to keep a piece of adventure always close to you.

Marine paintings to enhance the walls of your den

Nothing beats a nautical painting to bring your pirate lair to life and recount your exploits on the seas. Discover our collection of marine paintings, representing enchanting coastal landscapes, boats plying the waves, and even mythical creatures. Each work is a true masterpiece, worthy of appearing on the walls of the captain's cabin.

Stickers to personalize your objects and your ship hull

Are you looking to add a personal touch to your objects or your proud craft? Drop anchor in our selection of marine stickers , which will allow you to decorate whatever you want. Patterns of waves, fish, mermaids or sunken treasures, there is something for all tastes and desires.

So, sailors, don't wait any longer to explore our online store and discover the treasures that await you. Raise the flag, and let the adventure begin!