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Shark tooth necklace wooden beads

Shark tooth necklace wooden beads

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Once upon a time, there was a pirate named Jack who sailed the seas aboard his ship , the Black Pearl. He was known to be one of the most fearsome and richest pirates of all time, as he had gotten his hands on a large number of treasures during his many years of piracy.

One day, while sailing near a tropical island , Jack saw a surfer named Tom riding the huge ocean waves . Intrigued by Tom's talents, Jack decided to approach him and ask him to join his crew .

Tom accepted Jack's offer and together they set off in search of a legendary treasure called the Shark's Tooth Wooden Bead Necklace. According to legends , this necklace was made from the rarest and most precious shark teeth, and was adorned with magnificent wooden beads that were worth a fortune.

Jack and Tom sailed for weeks through storms and storms, battling rival pirates and fearsome sea creatures to reach their goal. Eventually, they arrived at the island where the treasure was supposed to be hidden.

They landed on the island and began exploring , but they were soon confronted with deadly traps and formidable guardians. Still, Jack and Tom were determined to find the necklace, and they kept moving.

Eventually, they came to a cave where they found the necklace. It was a wonder to behold, with shiny shark teeth and magnificent wooden beads. Jack and Tom were delighted with their discovery and they decided to share the treasure between them.

They returned to the Black Pearl and sailed toward their home port. When they arrived, they were welcomed as heroes and celebrated for their success. Jack and Tom lived happily and wealthy for the rest of their days, and their story became legendary in every seaport.


  • Hawaiian shark tooth necklace by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Varnished wooden beads
  • Lucky necklace for men & women
  • Resizable size between 38 to 72 cm
  • Cotton cord
  • Tooth in resin and bone powder


Are you looking for a unique and original necklace for yourself or to give as a gift ? Then the wooden bead shark tooth necklace is made for you!

Made from varnished wooden beads , this necklace is both elegant and original . It consists of beautiful wooden beads and a resin shark tooth, which are linked together with a durable cotton cord , for an elegant and clean look.

This necklace is also a lucky charm for men and women which has been designed to bring you luck and prosperity . It is resizable between 38 and 72 cm, which allows you to adapt it to your neck size. It is equipped with a resin and bone powder tooth which gives it an authentic style.

Add a touch of adventure to your style with this shark tooth necklace with its wooden beads. Order now and enjoy fast delivery and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't wait any longer, treat yourself or someone special to this unique and original necklace!

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