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Collection: Marine clothing

Marine clothing - Sea of ​​Treasures

Ahoy sailors and freshwater sailors ! Welcome aboard the merchant ship Mer Aux Trésors , where we have hoisted the sails to sail on the waves of the marine universe and present to you our fabulous collection of marine clothing !

Come board our treasure and discover clothes worthy of the greatest pirates of the seven seas. Whether you're an intrepid captain or a buccaneer in search of riches, our collection of marine clothing will have you covered from head to toe.

Browse through our striped shirts, buccaneer pants and privateer hats to bring your favorite pirate character to life. But don't stop there, because we also have accessories to complete your outfit and make you feel like a real sea dog.

So hoist and hoist! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure with our collection of marine clothing. Don't forget to keep an eye on the parrot , because he might just steal one of our precious treasures from you! On board, sailor, and may the winds be favorable to you!

The different types of marine clothing

Hold on to your rudder , because we're off on a hilarious journey through the waves of seafaring clothing. Sometimes a sailor, sometimes a fisherman, discover these outfits that will make you laugh from laughter to laughter. So, without further ado, climb onto the deck and let yourself be embarked!

“Floating” Pants

Have you ever dreamed of turning your legs into life preservers? Discover our “Floaters” pants ! Padded and waterproof, they will allow you to float effortlessly while remaining fashionable. Perfect for budding sailors who fear the depths!

“Rising Tide” Socks

For you who want to be on the lookout for the tides, here are the "Rising tide" socks . Featuring increasingly wider horizontal stripes, they will tell you the tide level just by looking at them. Pair with a pair of “Moussaillon” boots for a complete sailor style.

“Fog on the high seas” Jackets

Are you looking to blend into the background on foggy mornings? Try our “Fog on the High Seas” jacket ! Thanks to its light fabric and fog pattern, you can slip discreetly between the waves and surprise your fellow sailors. Perfect for games of hide and seek at sea!

“Lighting headlight” hats

No longer be afraid of navigating in the dark with our “Illuminating Lighthouse” hat ! Equipped with a small LED lamp on the front, it will light your way on the darkest nights. Be the beacon that guides your shipmates and shine the light of friendship on the tumultuous waves.

“Captain Joke” T-shirts

Do you like to make your crew laugh? Become the “Joke Captain” with our collection of t-shirts with hilarious slogans! From "I'm setting sail... and you?" to "It's better to be at sea than angry", you will inevitably find the message that will make you smile and relax the atmosphere on board.

Why wear sailor clothing from Mer Aux Trésors?

Riding the style wave

By wearing sailor clothing from Mer Aux Trésors, you will become the king or queen of the seven seas... at least in terms of fashion! Whether you're in the middle of a style storm or simply looking for a breath of fresh air, our nautical clothing will help you make waves and catch the attention of the fashion seagulls.

Express your love of the sea (even on land)

Why wait until you're at sea to show your love of the oceans ? With our marine clothing, you can proudly display your attachment to the waves and the sea spray even when you are on land. Who knows, maybe your sailor style will allow you to recruit new crew members for your next adventure at sea !

Ward off the rain with elegance

Don't let a few drops of rain stop you from showing off your nautical style! Our clothing is designed to withstand bad weather and keep you dry even during the most stubborn downpours. So, when the clouds are on the horizon, put on your outfit from Mer Aux Trésors and face the rain with style.

Find inspiration for your next adventures

When you wear clothing inspired by the sea from Mer Aux Trésors, you feel like a true explorer ready to discover new horizons. Who knows, probably your new outfit will give you ideas for your next escapade at sea or push you to learn the tricks of the sailor's trade?

Create a friendly and warm atmosphere

By putting on sailor clothing from our store, you are not only showing good taste, you are also creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere around you. What's better to break the ice during an evening with friends or a meal with family than an outfit that inspires the open sea and adventures at sea? With Mer Aux Trésors, you are sure to sail towards beautiful encounters and unforgettable moments.

How to maintain your men's and women's sailor clothing?

“Sail to the wind” folding

After washing and drying your sailor's clothing, it's time to fold it like a real sailor would fold his sail. Take a moment to observe the fluid and harmonious movements of the sails, then reproduce them with your garment. Guaranteed result: impeccable folding and a touch of humor to impress your crew.

The art of seawater laundry

Why not wash your sailor clothing with sea water, like the great sailors of yesteryear? Okay, let's laugh! Sea water may do more harm than good to your precious outfit. Preferably machine wash at 30°C with a mild detergent to preserve the colors and fibers.

Drying in the open air (but without storm)

For optimal drying of your sailor clothing, hang it on a washing line and let it dry in the fresh air. Be careful, however, to choose a day without storms or rain to avoid having to start the operation again. The sun and the light breeze will give your outfit a freshness and a scent of freedom.

Ironing: the quest for hidden treasure

Ironing your sailor clothing can be an adventure in itself. To avoid unwanted creases and creases, follow the directions on the label and adjust the temperature of your iron. And to spice up the experience a little, imagine that you are looking for a treasure hidden between the fibers of the fabric. Who knows, maybe you'll discover gold... or at least a nice, well-ironed item of clothing.

Storage: the secret of the captain's cabin

Once your sailor clothing is clean, dry and ironed, it's time to put it away in your wardrobe. To prevent it from ending up wrinkled or lost among your other clothes, remember to store it carefully, like the captain would do in his cabin. Find it a special place in your wardrobe and make sure it's always ready for your next outing at sea... or in town.

What to combine your sea-inspired clothing with?

The “Sunday sailor” hat

What better way to complete your sailor look than a hat worthy of the greatest sailors? Opt for a nautical-patterned bucket hat or a straw hat, and you'll be ready to face the sea spray in style. Be careful, however, not to mistake the waves for a golf green!

“Tango on the bridge” shoes

Pair your sea-inspired outfit with a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes, perfect for dancing tango on the deck of a boat (or on the dance floor). Espadrilles, moccasins or sandals, the choice is vast, but keep in mind that you need to be able to avoid ropes and rum bottles lying around.

“Jewellery of the depths” accessories

A nautical look wouldn't be complete without a few accessories inspired by the ocean depths. Shell necklaces , braided rope bracelets or anchor-shaped earrings, these jewels will bring a touch of elegance and exoticism to your outfit while subtly recalling the treasures buried at the bottom of the seas.

The “mermaid shopping” bag

To carry your loot for the day (or your shopping from the supermarket), choose a canvas or cotton bag in the colors of the sea. With a mermaid, boat or paradise island motif, you will be sure to make people envious on the beach and in town. And who knows, maybe your magic bag will allow you to bring back some freshly caught fish?

The “offshore wind” jacket

Don't let yourself be surprised by a cool breeze in the open sea (or during a walk along the beach)! Match your sailor clothing with a light and elegant jacket that will protect you from the wind while ensuring a look that is both casual and sophisticated. Choose a jacket in the colors of the ocean or with details reminiscent of the great sailors, and you will be ready to face any storm... compliments on your outfit!

Breton clothing: conquering the humor of the seven seas!

Let's navigate together in this ocean of laughter and discover how Breton clothing can lead us to a true treasure of humor.

A sailor top that doesn't just scratch the waves

Ah, the sailor top ! This iconic garment with blue and white stripes which immediately evokes sea spray and Breton lighthouses. But did you know that it is also the source of many smiles? Yes, you can say loud and clear: “I’m a little scratched!” and provoke laughter among your friends. In addition, nothing stops you from personalizing your sailor top with humorous messages or sailor jokes.

Breton hat, for the captains of humor

The Breton hat , also called a " sailor cap ", is another key element of Breton clothing. This hat, decorated with a sea anchor, is the perfect accessory for a captain of laughter. Get original by adding humorous badges to your hat or swapping out the anchor for a fun symbol. You will then be ready to hoist the sails of humor high and lead your crew into a sea of ​​laughter.

The yellow raincoat, to brave the storm of laughter

The Breton yellow raincoat is the essential ally of sailors who face storms and sea spray. But this iconic garment can also become a source of humor for earthlings. Proudly display funny messages or comical images on your raincoat, and share your good mood with those around you. By wearing this Breton clothing, you will be ready to brave all storms , whether it is rain or laughter!

Breton socks, for walking on water... laughing

Breton socks may not be the most visible part of your outfit, but they can still be a source of humor. Choose socks with funny characters, jokey fish or sailor jokes. Even if they remain hidden under your clothes, your Breton socks will bring you a good dose of humor with every step.