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Collection: Orca plush

Ahoy there, sailors and pirates of all stripes! Looking for a travel companion that reminds you of the power and majesty of the ocean? Look no further than the Mer Aux Trésors orca plush collection!

These sweet and cuddly orcas are more than just toys, they are loyal crew members ready to follow you on all your adventures. Imagine sailing the seven seas with an orca at your side, its soft fur flapping in the wind and its large black eyes piercing the horizon in search of treasure to plunder.

Our orca plush toys are made with the finest materials to withstand the fiercest storms and the tightest hugs. And if your orca ever gets a little dirty or smells like fish, no worries! You can wash it without any problem and it will be like new.

But be careful, these soft toys are not for the faint of heart! They are made for courageous pirates who like to take risks and go on epic adventures. If you're ready to sail the stormy waters with an orca by your side, then the Mer Aux Trésors orca plush collection is for you!