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We will pay the 2% since the start of the brand's activity

Our Mer Aux Trésor brand is dedicated to the sea and its countless treasures. Passionate about the marine world , we are committed to contributing to the protection of the oceans by donating 2% of our turnover to actions in favor of their preservation. We invite you to discover the reasons for this commitment, the process put in place and the advantages for you, dear customers, by choosing Mer Aux Trésors for your sea-related purchases.

Why have we chosen to donate 2% of our turnover to protecting the oceans?

Our passion for the oceans

Our love for the oceans is at the origin of the creation of Mer Aux Trésors. We want to share this passion with our customers by offering articles quality and inspired by the beauty of the seabed. Not only are the oceans a source of wonder, they are also essential to life on Earth.

The environmental challenges facing the oceans

The oceans are threatened by various environmental problems, such as pollution , overfishing , water acidification , global warming and the destruction of marine habitats. These problems have dramatic consequences on biodiversity and marine ecosystems . Faced with these challenges, we have decided to take our responsibilities by supporting actions to protect the oceans.

The importance of supporting concrete actions

Donating 2% of our turnover to the protection of the oceans is a concrete way of supporting projects dedicated to the preservation of these natural environments . By making this choice, we want to encourage our customers to be agents of change and to participate alongside us in safeguarding our marine heritage.

How does the repayment process work?

Selection of projects and partners

We attach great importance to the selection of projects and partners to whom we donate funds. We favor local , national and international initiatives that work to preserve marine ecosystems, combat plastic pollution, protect endangered species and promote sustainable and responsible fishing.

Calculating the percentage to be paid

Each quarter, we calculate 2% of the turnover generated on our online store and determine the amount to be paid to our partners. This percentage makes it possible to guarantee regular financial support for selected projects and to measure the impact of our commitment.

Transparency and monitoring of projects

We are committed to ensuring transparency and monitoring of supported projects. We communicate regularly with our partners and share their progress and successes with our customer community. On our website, we provide a page dedicated to the actions that we support, where you can discover the projects in progress, the results obtained and the prospects .

Why buy from Mer Aux Trésors?

Quality products inspired by the sea

By choosing Mer Aux Trésors for your purchases, you have access to a selection of quality products, designed with passion and inspired by the sea. We offer a varied range of items, ranging from decoration to fashion accessories , including jewelry , clothing and art objects. Our goal is to offer you unique products that allow you to proudly display your love for the oceans.

A strong environmental commitment

Buying from Mer Aux Trésors means actively contributing to the protection of the oceans. Indeed, by donating 2% of our turnover to projects to preserve marine ecosystems, we offer you the opportunity to take concrete action in favor of the environment. Together, we can make a difference and help safeguard our marine heritage.

Attentive customer service

Our team is passionate about the sea and attentive to your needs. We are committed to providing you with quality customer service, answering your questions and supporting you throughout your purchasing experience. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information on our products, our commitments or the projects we support.

An engaged community

By joining the Mer Aux Trésors community, you are part of a group of people sensitive to the environmental cause and concerned about preserving the oceans. Together we can share our experiences, ideas and successes to encourage and inspire more action to protect marine environments.

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