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Collection: Shell jewelry

Shell jewelry - Mer Aux Trésors

Ever wondered why mermaids always look so fabulous? No, it's not just because of their sparkling fins and wavy hair, but also because of their incredible sense of style when it comes to jewelry ! Dive deep into the hidden treasures of the ocean with the Mer aux Trésors collection, where each shell jewel is a true ode to marine beauty.

Whether you're looking for nautical necklaces that evoke memories of summer, bracelets with pearly pearls fit for a queen of the seas, or a pair of periwinkle earrings that shine like a sunset on the sea. 'ocean, we have everything you need. And the best? Each piece of jewelry is as unique as the story behind each mollusc collected from the beach.

From Pebbles to Shells: When Men Think They're Mermaids

There was a time when wearing nautical finery wasn't just a fashion thing for mermaids on vacation on the French Riviera. From ancient times to modern times, humans have often dove (sometimes literally) into the ocean of possibilities offered by these marine gems . Let's embark together on an exciting journey through the history of beach ornaments!

The Shell Age: When Prehistoric Men Played at the Beach

Imagine, thousands of years ago, when the concept of a beach was a little more... rustic. Our ancestors, dressed in animal skins, were the first to understand that bling-bling could come directly from the sea. These rudimentary shell ornaments were probably the ultimate sign of sophistication at the time! Look at that necklace, Grok! That’s luxury!

The Renaissance of Shells: When High Society Discovered Diving

Let's jump back in time to the Renaissance! Where naces began to appear on the jewelry of nobles and kings. Madam Duchess, this shell-shaped bracelet gives you a... quite oceanic look! The workshops were full of artisans specializing in the creation of carefully selected ornate hull ornaments.

Shells 2.0

Our modern days, with their technology and innovation, have seen a renaissance of these gems of the seas. Whether on the fashion catwalks, in the streets or on the beaches , these marine treasures are everywhere! And with the addition of new techniques and materials, these jewels are not likely to become extinct. Instagram is full of modern mermaid selfies, and hashtags like #CoquillageChic and #BijouMer are more popular than ever!

Shellfish and Crustaceans: The Ultimate Guide to an Aquasirene Look!

If you've always dreamed of making a sensational entrance at a party and hearing But is it a beached mermaid ?, then you've come to the right place. Choosing the perfect sea ornament is like choosing your lobster at the fish store: it requires expertise. Let's embark on this high tide of style together and find out how to find yours!

From Mother-of-Pearl to Cowrie: The shell encyclopedia (but shorter)

There's an ocean of choice out there! Whether you're more of a cowrie (small and delicate) or scallop (large and bold) type, each shell has its own charm. Some are soft and pearly, others vibrant with iridescent hues. The trick is choosing the one that makes your heart sing...and your outfit.

50 shades of blue (and other colors): Matching your shells

Shells are not limited to beige, oh no! Shades of pink, green, gold and of course blue may vary depending on the latter. For a day at the beach, a sky blue shell necklace could work wonders. For a candlelit dinner? Opt for more subtle shades. And if you're feeling bold, why not mix and match for a burst of color ?

Shell jewelry and the Fashion-sphere

Wearing shell jewelry is not just a matter of aesthetics, it's a statement! Make sure the latter doesn't drown in a sea of ​​clothes . With a sober dress? Dare to use big shells! With a tropical print? Perhaps more delicate shell jewelry will do the trick.

Confessions of a Seashell: How to Keep Myself Fresh and Sparkling!

Believe it or not, even a seashell has its needs. To keep me as bubbly as a dolphin on the open sea, here are some tips for taking care of myself.

A Sea Bath… But Not Too Often

I know I know. I have spent most of my life in salt water. But now that I am your precious jewel, prolonged sea bathing can dull my shine. A gentle cleansing with lukewarm water and a little mild soap is all I need. And please avoid harsh chemicals; They give me rashes... shelly!

A Dry and Cozy Sleep

Like any sailor , I love a good rest. But unlike mermaids, I prefer to sleep dry. When you're not carrying me, store me in a dry place, preferably in a small, soft pouch . This prevents other jewelry from scratching or jostling me. Remember, I'm a shellfish, not a fighting crab!

Sun, Sea, and… Sunscreen?

Ah, the sun! It was my friend when I was in the sea, but as a gem, too much direct sun can make me fade. And please, before you jump in the sea or slather yourself with sunscreen, take me off. Salt and chemicals, although they remind me of my old home, can now affect my beauty.