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Gold shell necklace

Gold shell necklace

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Live the pirate life in style with the Gold Shell Necklace, the only treasure a parrot would never try to steal! 🐚

An extraordinary jewel

Before you get carried away by the wind of our humor, know that our Gold Shell Necklace is not a joke. It is a truly extraordinary gem , straight from our magnificent Sea of ​​Treasures. With its natural white shells , and its golden shell in the center, it is as if each wave had collaborated to create this wearable art object.

For men, women and budding pirates

What's funnier than seeing a badass with a seashell necklace? Well, how about a badass with a gold shell necklace? Whether you are a man , a woman or even a young budding pirate, this choker necklace is made for you. Its size is resizable between 38 and 55 cm, so even if your neck is as wide as a ship's mast, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Comfort and quality: Cotton thread and gold clasp

No need to worry about seasickness , because our collar is designed for ultimate comfort. It's made with cotton yarn as soft as a sea breeze, so even after a long day of looting and treasure hunting, you'll never feel uncomfortable. And to top it all off, the gold clasp ensures that your treasure stays securely attached to your neck, even in the harshest storm.

The call of the sea in every detail

This necklace is not just a piece of jewelry, it is a story. It tells the story of a maritime adventure, of golden sands , sparkling shells and azure waters . Each shell is a chapter, each thread is a character, each clasp is a twist. By wearing it, you not only tell your own story, but that of the sea and its countless treasures.

A treasure accessible to all

Certainly, this necklace is a treasure, but it is not buried at the bottom of the ocean . No no. It's there, within your reach, ready to hang around your neck, ready to make you shine. It is not reserved for an elite of pirates , but accessible to all those who dream of adventure, freedom and natural beauty. And it's a lot more fun than fighting a bunch of drunken sailors over a chest of doubloons, right?

So, raise the flag, and embark on this adventure with us. Because after all, every day is a good day to find a new treasure, especially when it is as beautiful and unique as our Gold Shell necklace.


  • Gold shell necklace by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Natural white shells with a golden shell in the center
  • Shell choker necklace for men & women
  • Resizable size between 38 & 55 cm
  • Cotton thread
  • With golden clasp

Discover the world of the Sea of ​​Treasures

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