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KAILOB lobster slide

KAILOB lobster slide

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Take a bold step towards the ocean with our Lobster Slides, so realistic you could attract a mermaid! 🦞

The rising tide of fashion

Let me tell you a story. A story of a daring creature , of an animal that knew how to dominate its marine environment with a hard shell and unwavering determination. No, I'm not talking about Aquaman , I'm talking about the lobster!

Imagine for a moment that you can adopt the spirit of this fabulous beast . Imagine being able to tread the warm sand of the world's most beautiful beaches with the pride and panache of a lobster. And no, I'm not asking you to wear a shell or wave pincers in the air. All I ask is that you try our Lobster Slides.

One foot in the Ocean, one foot in Comfort

Our Slides are designed with ultra-resistant latex , yet surprisingly comfortable. You will feel like you are walking on a cloud... a cloud that strangely resembles a crustacean . For men, women and children, everyone can feel the joy of slipping into these marinated creatures of style. With sizes ranging from 24 to 47, we have a lobster for every foot!

Three colors, a million possibilities

And we haven't forgotten the sense of style. They are available in three bold colors, red , orange and green . Yes, green! Because if you go far enough out into the ocean, you'll find lobsters in every color of the rainbow. Or, at least, the three colors we mentioned.

Let yourself be carried away by the Wave

Have you ever dreamed of walking on the beach , attracting all eyes, arousing the jealousy of seagulls ? This is your chance. By wearing our Lobster Slides, you are not just a tourist on the beach, you are an integral part of the marine ecosystem . People will ask you, "Is that a giant lobster approaching, or is it just someone with incredibly good taste in shoes?"

Give your feet the royal crustacean treatment

So, take off. Take a bold step towards the ocean. Sink your feet into our Lobster Slides, and feel the coolness of the tide beneath your toes. Because nothing says “I’m ready for summer.” And who knows? You might even attract a mermaid .


  • Lobster slide by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Ultra-realistic lobster-shaped slides
  • For men, women and children
  • Made from super durable latex
  • Model available in 3 colors: red, orange and green
  • Size from 24 to 47
  • Explore the most beautiful beaches in the world (like a lobster...)

Embark on a deeper journey into the ocean of style!

And There you go ! You're ready to make waves with your new lobster slides. But why stop there? At Mer aux Trésors, we have an entire ocean of style waiting for you. Do you want to continue sailing in the sailor spirit? Take a look at our sea-inspired clothing by discovering our marine clothing .

Want to expand your horizons (and your tap collection)? Discover other fanciful models of our slides . If you have a weakness for sea creatures, our collection of fish slides is made for you! 🦞

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