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TAKO octopus ring

TAKO octopus ring

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With our octopus ring, let yourself be captivated by the maritime charm and adopt the attitude of the quirky pirate! 🐙

Diving into the depths of Fashion

A ring in the shape of an octopus, you heard of course monsaillon ! This uniquely designed jewel is the marvel that the Sea of ​​Treasures has fished for you from the abyss of the ocean of fashion. With its soft, supple tentacles, this ring wraps around your finger with the elegance of an underwater star dancer.

When an octopus turns into a ring

Did you think octopus would just be a delicacy for seafood lovers? Well, take your eyes off the plates and onto these incredibly detailed jewelry pieces. Each tentacle is a declaration of love to the majesty of marine life , captured in a ring that gives you a style as unique as a shark wearing a top hat.

Become a Style Pirate

You don't need to brandish a sword or spit sea curses to prove you're a pirate at heart. Sometimes all you need is an accessory that screams, "I embrace the unusual and grasp it with eight arms!" If modern pirates chose one treasure to wear, it would surely be this octopus ring. For what ? Because it's unique, bold, and pushes conventional style to walk the plank!

Why is the Aux Trésors Sea Octopus Ring the ideal choice?

Besides being a great conversation starter (and a great April Fool 's joke), this octopus ring is a versatile piece that adds spice to any outfit. Whether you're in your favorite ensemble for a night out on the town or a simple t-shirt for a casual day, this ring pairs perfectly with everything, just like a nice bottle of rum with an evening of pirate tales.

Make the Unusual your trademark

Why just go with the flow when you can swim against the flow with eight arms attached? With this octopus ring, you don't need to shout about your originality , it speaks for you. It shows that you are not afraid to think outside the box, that you are ready to embrace the extraordinary, and that you know how to appreciate the treasures that the ocean of fashion has to offer.

So, are you ready to hoist the sail and sail into the fashion world with this octopus ring? She's not just a piece of jewelry, she's a ticket to an adventure that only true style pirates can understand. Come on board with us and discover the world from a new perspective with this unique sprawling jewel. The Sea of ​​Treasures awaits you, so hold on to your tentacles and let yourself be carried away by the wave! Make each day a new journey, a new quest for treasure ! Arrrrr!


  • Octopus ring by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Ring in the shape of an octopus with its tentacles around your finger
  • Octopus jewelry for men and women who want the ocean on their finger
  • Silver plated
  • Size from 5 to 11, see our guide below

💍 To find out your ideal ring size, refer to our SIZE GUIDE

So, sailor, ready to take the plunge?

Swim up to the Octopus Ring and let its tentacles gently caress your finger. Ahoy, do you want more? So, dive deeper and explore our marine treasure. Delight in the jewels of the sea in our Octopus Ring collection and let yourself be seduced by the siren song of our Marine Ring collection.

And if you feel the offshore wind calling you, go to our treasure island and discover our Bijou Mer collection. But remember, the journey never ends. Every day is a new adventure on the Sea of ​​Treasures. So hoist and hoist, and let the adventure begin! Arrrrr! 🐙

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