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Collection: Beach jewelry

Beach jewelry

Hello dude! Are you ready to ride the coolest jewelry wave? Grab your board and come discover the Bijou Plage de Mer Aux Trésors collection. We're not talking about simple shellfish and crustaceans, but real treasures that shine brighter than the reflection of the sun on the ocean. Imagine yourself with a necklace that sparkles as much as the water under a perfect wave, or a ring that makes you feel like the king or queen of the beach!

And yeah, hold on to your swimsuit , because every piece in this collection is a rare gem. We dove into the deep sea to fish for the freshest designs. It's as if Neptune himself has opened his jewelry box to adorn you for summer. By wearing one of these jewels, you won't just be a surfer, you will be a real aquatic spectacle. So, are you ready to make waves and capture eyes on the sand ?

How to wear beach jewelry for men or women? 🏖️

Yo, wave rider! Whether you're a cool guy or a stylish girl , if you want to shine on the beach this summer , you need to know how to wear your jewelry like a pro. Let me give you the tip so that your style is as fresh as the sea breeze and you shine brighter than the shimmer of wet sand in the setting sun.

Ride the Wave of Trends

First, choose your jewelry like you choose your wave – with care and passion. An ankle bracelet is the classic longboard: it never goes out of style. For a more daring look, a necklace with a shell or starfish pendant, it screams “ vacation in paradise”! And for guys, a silver bracelet is a bit like a shortboard: discreet but ultra-stylish.

The Art of Shining without Dazzling Reflections

Now, balancing your style is crucial. If your swimsuit is already super colorful, think about more sober jewelry, like sand or shell color. On the other hand, if you're in monochrome mode, a piece of jewelry with touches of turquoise or coral can really pop, like a good aerial on a perfect wave. The idea is to complete your look without drowning yourself in too much bling.

Keeps Fresh, Even Under the Sun

Finally, take care of your jewelry like your board. Rinse them in fresh water after a beach session, especially if they have taken a dip in the salty sea. Salt water is good for surfing, but for jewelry, it can be rough like a reef break. A little cleaning and they will stay as fresh as your moves on the waves.

There you have it, with these tips, you're ready to capture the looks as much as the waves. Wear your beach jewelry as stylishly as you wear your shorts or bikini, and you'll be the king or queen of the beach this summer. Dive in and treat yourself, the ocean of style awaits you!

The different types of beach jewelry 🏖️

If you want to attract attention on the sand like a dolphin flips in the waves, you need to know how to choose your beach jewelry. So, ready to dive into the deep end of marine accessories ? Hold on to your board, let's start the overview of the must-haves to shine in the sun!

Shell Necklaces: For 100% Ocean Vibes

Let's talk about necklaces first. A good shell necklace is the longboard of beach jewelry: essential and timeless. But don't forget the starfish pendant, perfect for adding a splash of fun to your eco-surfer look. Imagine yourself strolling on the beach, your necklace hitting the light like the waves on the rocks... Showstopper guaranteed!

Strength and Freshness Bracelets

Let's move on to the bracelets. Looking for something that screams “I tamed the tide”? Opt for a marine rope bracelet . Solid, stylish and above all, it gives you that look of a captain ready to sail the waves of fashion. For the more daring, a mix of pearls and wood can give you that tropical flair, like you've just come back from a surf session with Moana.

Abyss Rings and Aerial Rings

And finally, the rings. Whether you're the mermaid or sailor type, a ring sculpted like a sunken treasure can make waves. Think designs inspired by the deep sea , perhaps a ring that seems fashioned by Poseidon himself, with inlays that gleam like the surface of the water in the midday sun.