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One Piece Pirate Necklace

One Piece Pirate Necklace

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Ahoy sailors! Hoist the Jolly Roger high and discover the One Piece pirate necklace that will make you shine like the treasure of Gol D. Roger himself!

Mer Aux Trésors: Whitebeard’s jewelry store

Welcome to Mer Aux Trésors, the store that will satisfy the desires of all pirates looking for extraordinary accessories. If Whitebeard himself had known about our treasures, he would have without hesitation exchanged his ring for this fabulous One Piece necklace! Dive into our Ali Baba's cave and discover this jewel that will make you the terror of the seven seas.

Skull: The pride of Brook and Chopper united

This One Piece pirate necklace proudly displays the iconic skull that would make Brook and Chopper green with envy combined! Put on this piece of jewelry and feel the spirit of piracy flowing through your veins, yohoho ! Become the pride of your crew by showing your belonging to the world of One Piece, where dreams and adventures have no limits.

High quality stainless steel: Resistant to Krakens and storms

Forge your legend with this long, high-quality stainless steel necklace, designed to withstand the assaults of the fiercest Krakens and the most violent storms. Not even a cannon shot can alter it! Wear this jewel during your wanderings through the Grand Line and the New World , and show everyone that you are ready to face the dangers that mark your quest for the ultimate treasure.

Pendant for men & women: Luffy's crew approves!

Whether you are a man or a woman , this One Piece pirate necklace is made for you. Luffy's crew himself approves this unisex jewelry and invites you to join the ranks of the most famous pirates! Show your love for One Piece and your determination to follow your dreams, like Luffy and his companions. Together, set out to conquer the hidden treasure of Gol D. Roger , the legendary One Piece!

45 cm chain: The necklace that is worth its weight in gold and silver

With a 45 cm chain , this pirate necklace is available in silver or gold to satisfy all the tastes of the crew. Choose between these two sparkling colors and climb aboard your ship, ready to show the world that you are a true pirate! This One Piece jewel is the centerpiece that will complete your pirate outfit and propel you towards fame and fortune.


  • One Piece pirate necklace by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Skull and hat
  • Long necklace made of high quality stainless steel
  • Pendant for men & women
  • Chain size 45 cm
  • Silver or gold necklace
  • Ideal for a real pirate

The Call of the Deep

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