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Women's shell necklace

Women's shell necklace

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Stop looking for the ocean, it comes to you with this women's shell necklace! It's like wearing a wave of humor and charm around your neck! 🐚

The Mystery Tide of Beauty

As a lovely nod to our mother nature , our women's shell necklace is a gentle reminder of the salty spray of the ocean and the gentle lapping of the waves . Designed by Mer aux Trésors, this little gem has all the flavor of the open sea without soaking your head! You will love its natural Cauri shell, as if you had picked it up yourself during your last surf session in Biarritz.

A Whirlwind of Charm

It's not just a necklace, it's a storm of style in a shell! Imagine: small blue beads, soft like the foam of the waves, contrast with a brown cotton cord, sturdy like a well-waxed surfboard. You can almost feel the sand between your toes with every glance you take in the mirror.

Variants of the Blue Infinity

We're not the type to let you fall into routine! So yes, this women's shell necklace is a bit like your new wave of style. But that's not all. We also have other variations, other jewelry, other pieces of ocean to wear around your neck. Shells of all shapes, all colors, for all tastes. From the most sober to the most eccentric, there is something for all styles of surfers... and non-surfers!

An Odyssey of Humor and Style

Sometimes it makes your friends laugh during an aperitif on the beach, sometimes it adds a touch of sophistication to your evening dress . This women's shell necklace is a real adventure, a tale of the sea in itself. You could almost tell your story around a campfire, on a summer evening, while waiting for the next wave...

A Tsunami of Originality

Forget jewelry that all looks the same. This women's shell necklace is the assurance of a unique style , an oceanic freshness that you won't find anywhere else. And as we know that you like to have choice, we offer you plenty of variations, so that you can ride the fashion wave with style and originality.

Perhaps most importantly, we want to see you smile. Because this necklace is also a bit of our humor , our joie de vivre, our passion for the sea, which we want to share with you. So, we are waiting for you, ready to put on your new women's shell necklace and dive into the adventure of life with us? The wave is beautiful, and it’s all yours!


  • Women's shell necklace by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Jewel with its natural Cauri shell, its small blue pearls and its brown cotton cord
  • Shell necklace for demanding women
  • Resizable size between 26 & 72 cm
  • Brown cotton cord

The Great Plunge

And if you have a penchant for the specific, the detail that sets you apart, the cherry on top of the ocean cake, then take a deep breath and dive head first into our collection! We have the Tahitian Shell Necklace that makes more waves than a lunar eclipse in the surf!

And don't forget to explore the depths of our Seashell Necklace Collection where you'll find jewelry more unique than the pearls formed in a hula hooping oyster. Or maybe you have a heart that beats for all things ocean-related? So, get ready to ride the wave of joy with our Sea Necklace Collection , which offers jewelry as magnificent as the glow of a lighthouse in the sea mist! 🐚

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