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TAKO octopus ring

TAKO octopus ring

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Put your tentacles on the most fabulous ring with the Octopus Ring, When fashion takes on ink! 🐙

Calling the Deep Ocean: Become the Party Octopus!

Ahoy, my good fellow! Want to add a touch of the ocean to your style? So, allow me to introduce you to the Octopus Ring, a gem born from the heart of the sea. No, it will not turn you into a giant octopus . Too bad, isn't it? But, it will definitely add a bit of sprawling chic to your outfit!

Dive into Octo-Chic: A Jewel that Shines in the Abyss

It's the sea that sends it to us directly from a pirate 's hidden treasure . Imagine a silver octopus, its elaborately sculpted tentacles, wrapped delicately around your finger . And each tentacle is adorned with a shine that would have made the sun itself blush. Not even the kraken could resist such a magnificent piece of jewelry.

No Sticky Tentacles Here: Royal Comfort for Your Fingers

Oh, I see you frowning, friend. Are you worried that the Octopus Ring will be uncomfortable to wear? Don't be afraid, our octopus is well behaved. He was trained to hold your finger with the gentleness of an octopus , without leaving a single mark. And no, it won't leave ink on your hands either!

A Jewel of Octo-Audace: A Jewel that Gets Talking

In a world where ordinary style is too common, the Octopus Ring is a breath of fresh air. Or rather, a whiff of sea water. Imagine the looks you'll get when you reach out to grab your glass. “Oh, look at this gem!” - that's what they will say. You will be the center of attention, the star of the evening, the chicest pirate at sea!

Designed by Mermaid Hands: Quality Guaranteed

You are probably wondering who could have created such a marvel. Well, we have a secret . These are the mermaids . Yes, yes, we hired them. They work night and day to forge these rings, singing sweet melodies as they hammer the pure silver to create the Octopus Ring.

Adopt your Octopus: Your Finger Claims it

So, are you ready to show Octo-Audacity? To become the chicest pirate in all the oceans ? If so, it's time to put your finger in this beautiful Octopus Ring. Take one for you, one for your friend, and why not one for your parrot too!


  • Octopus ring by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Octopus-shaped ring with its long tentacles
  • Silver in color with many details and an opal stone in the center
  • Octopus jewelry for demanding women
  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Resizable size

💍 To find out your ring size, refer to our SIZE GUIDE

A Sprawling Invitation to Adventure

Oh, don't be a mollusk and let yourself be tempted by the call of the open sea! Visit our online store today to take a look at this wonderful Octopus Ring . And while you're there, why not venture into our complete Sea Jewelry collection?

There you will find treasures that would make even the most greedy pirate blush. And don't forget to dive into our collections of Marine Rings and Octopus Rings . Don't be an oyster, open yourself to the wonder of the oceans with our jewelry and feel the call of the Kraken! Take the plunge - the ocean is within your reach and your finger is crying out for its octopus! 🐙

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