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Kraken Ring

Kraken Ring

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Immerse yourself in an ocean of style with our Kraken Ring - a unique piece for adventurers and sea lovers! 🐙

Welcome aboard our ship , friends! Looking for a unique ring to impress your loved one or simply to add a little spice to your look? Look no further, the Kraken Ring is here for you!

The History of the Kraken Ring

You may be wondering how we were able to design such a special ring? Well, let me tell you a story. One day, our intrepid captain came face to face with the legendary Kraken, a giant sea creature that can make any sailor tremble. But instead of fleeing, our captain took out his hook, and challenged the Kraken to an epic duel! After a battle lasting several hours, our captain emerged victorious, and recovered a piece of the Kraken's tent. This is how the Kraken Ring was born!

The characteristics of the Kraken Ring

Want to know what makes our ring so special? First of all, it is made by expert artisans , with meticulous attention to detail. Additionally, each ring is unique. This means that each ring has a slightly different texture and color, making it even more special. And finally, the Kraken ring is the only ring that will give you unparalleled sea power - you will be able to hold your breath underwater for a whole 10 minutes! (note that we are not responsible if you try to break a diving record and drown).

Testimonials from satisfied customers:

But don't take our word for it - here's what some of our happy customers have to say about the Kraken Ring: "I have never received so much attention from people since I started wearing this ring !", "I felt like a real pirate wearing this ring on my last cruise", "The ability to hold my breath underwater saved my life on my last diving excursion!".

So, what are you waiting for? Add a little marine magic to your life with the Kraken Ring, available now at Mer Aux Trésors! And remember, if you ever encounter a Kraken, call our captain - he's always ready for another duel!


  • Kraken by Sea Ring with Treasures
  • Ring for men and women
  • Size 7 to 13
  • Zinc alloy composition
  • Water resistant ring
  • A kraken on your finger

💍 To find out your ideal ring size, refer to our SIZE GUIDE

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