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HAYWAVE straw bag

HAYWAVE straw bag

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Discover the Mer Aux Trésors straw bag, for those who like to wear Parisian chic on one shoulder and the cool bohemian beach look on the other! 🏖️

Prepare to Sail in Style with Mer Aux Trésors"

Ahoy, beautiful surfers , look no further! It's time to add a pinch of Parisian charm to your passion for surfing. It's as if Coco Chanel decided to grab a surfboard and catch some waves, yes, that's what our straw bag has to offer. If your heart beats for chic and sand , the Mer Aux Trésors straw bag is the perfect beach companion you didn't know you needed."

From Glamor to Straw

Put on your swimsuit , your sunscreen and trust our straw bag to bring the rest of the glamour. Made from very high quality real straw, this bag is a declaration of love for all things simple and authentic. Choose between the down-to-earth simplicity of beige or the timeless mystery of black. Each bag is an invitation to create your own beach story."

More than just a bag

But make no mistake, ladies. It's not just a bag. It is an ally, a guardian, an expression of yourself. Measuring 45cm wide, 16cm thick and 29cm high, it's big enough to carry everything you need for a day at the beach . A bottle of water, a towel, a pair of sunglasses, a novel, your sunscreen, everything has its place."

A Straw Adventure

Pick up this bag, and it's like inviting the sun to dance on your shoulder. It's a reminder of those long summer days spent surfing, a reminder of the call of the open sea. Because every adventure, every memory needs a trustworthy companion, a tangible memory.


  • Women's beach bag by Mer Aux Trésors
  • A magnificent beach bag in real straw combining Parisian chic and the relaxation of bohemian fashion
  • Very high quality straw bag
  • Beige or black in color
  • Size of 45cm (width) * 16cm (thickness) * 29cm (height)

The Great Straw-chic Escape!

So my dears, ready to turn heads and provoke waves of jealousy? Perfect, because your straw-chic adventure has only just begun! Check out our selection of XXL beach bags that are so spacious, you could almost store your surfboard in them (we're kidding... or not?). Want even more choices?

So check out our beach bags that are as unique as your surfing style. And if you want to dive deeper into the ocean of style, be sure to explore our bags that are as beautiful as the shells you collect from the sand. So, let the adventure begin, your style waves are waiting for you! 🏖️

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