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Silver dolphin pendant ALOHASILVA

Silver dolphin pendant ALOHASILVA

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Ahoy! Weigh anchor and dive into the Sea of ​​Treasures with this silver dolphin pendant, which seems to say: "I am both elegant and fun, just like you, sailor!" 🐬

The Legend of the Silver Dolphin

In the depths of the Sea of ​​Treasures hides a mythical creature that carries within itself the beauty of the oceans and the mischief of pirates . She is the silver dolphin, and today we are offering you the chance to wear her around your neck with our silver dolphin pendant for women.

The Treasure of the Seven Seas

This dolphin -shaped jewel is made of real silver, with a 65 cm chain. It embodies both the grace and liveliness of dolphins, as well as the mystery and charm of money. The freely adjustable size allows you to wear it in the way that suits you best, whether it's a short necklace or an elegant necklace .

Cruise in style

With this silver dolphin -shaped pendant, you will attract attention and compliments like a treasure magnet. Show the world that you're ready to sail life's oceans in style, with this unique and fun accessory .

Raise the flag!

So, sailor, are you ready to raise the flag and treat yourself to this dolphin jewelry for women ? Don't miss this opportunity to stand out with this silver dolphin pendant , a symbol of adventure and daydreaming. Join our crew and sail towards the horizon, with the blessing of the Treasure Sea.

Take your silver dolphin pendant today and set off to conquer the oceans , with the wind of humor and elegance in the sails!


  • Silver dolphin pendant Mer Aux Trésors
  • Dolphin jewelry for women
  • Real silver dolphin pendant
  • Chain size 65 cm
  • Adjustable size as desired
  • Silver dolphin pendant

Scuba diving in an ocean of choice

But wait, there are even more treasures to discover in the depths of our collection! If this silver dolphin pendant has piqued your curiosity, then prepare to be overwhelmed by a deluge of marine jewelry as you explore our Ali Baba's cave. Let yourself be tempted by our gold dolphin necklace that shines like a setting sun on the horizon. Dive into our dolphin collection to find the ocean companion of your dreams. Admire the other jewels in our dolphin necklace collection just waiting to be hoisted aboard your jewelry box. And finally, browse through our sea jewelry collection to unearth priceless treasures from the seven seas. So, don't wait any longer, dive into our world and let yourself be carried away by the tide of jewels, like a pirate in search of gold and glory! 🐬

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