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PALAOKAI whale pendant

PALAOKAI whale pendant

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You won't be able to spear this whale pendant, but you will want to hang it around your neck! 🐳

The Call of the Deep Blue, Let yourself be overwhelmed by the Charm of our Whale Pendant

Ahoy, sailors ! Are you ready to embark on a journey to the heart of the ocean of elegance? La Mer Aux Trésors invites you to discover our latest jewelry, a whale-shaped pendant, which will make you swim in an ocean of compliments!

The Song of the Whale, A Jewel for All

No matter what seas you sail, men or women , this pendant is made for you! Our whale makes no distinction of gender, it clings to all necks and all outfits with incomparable elegance.

Steel Armor, Stainless Steel That Defies Time

Like the shell of a narwhal, our pendant is forged from stainless steel . It resists the ravages of time, sea salt, and even the tentacles of the most stubborn octopuses! With its 65 cm chain , our whale travels freely, like in the great ocean spaces.

Flexible Waves, An Adjustable Size to Your Wish

Tired of these necklaces that strangle you like a slightly too affectionate octopus ? Our whale pendant offers an adjustable size as desired! You can sail it high or low depending on your mood and outfit.

The Radiance of the Rising Sun, Golden or Rose Gold in Color

Whether you're more of a golden setting sun or rose gold aurora type, we have the whale you need! Our pendant is adorned with the most beautiful shades to illuminate your neck with oceanic reflections .

The Sparkle of the Deep, A Whale Adorned with Zircon Crystals

The highlight of the show? The zircon crystals that adorn our little whale. They shine like starfish on the ocean floor, adding a touch of magic to this already sublime jewel.

Don't let this whale escape you! Adopt it, and dive into an ocean of style with the whale pendant from La Mer Aux Trésors. Order yours today and add a little sea salt to your daily outfit .


  • Whale pendant by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Whale jewelry for men and women
  • Stainless steel whale pendant
  • Chain size 65 cm
  • Adjustable size as desired
  • Golden or rose gold in color
  • A small whale adorned with zircon crystals

Go hunting (for bargains...)!

And watch out, freshwater sailors! If you're seasick and can't choose your whale, don't worry, we have a whole colony of whales waiting for you! Want a subtle touch? Try our whale tail necklace , it will give you a chic and discreet look. If you are the type who wants a pod of whales around your neck, drop anchor on our whale necklace collection , you will find a variety of species, each more beautiful than the last. And if you are a true fan of these giants of the seas, discover our whale collection and our whale jewelry collection : they contain as many treasures as the ocean has fish. Don't forget, at Mer Aux Trésors, there is always a piece of jewelry for every sailor! So, set a course for adventure and dive into our collections! 🐳

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