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Large LITTORAL beach bag

Large LITTORAL beach bag

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Goodbye small useless bags, hello Large beach bag, the bag that has more space than the bathroom of your small apartment! 🏖️

The bag bigger than your wish list

Let's face it, just like vacations , you need space . That's why the Large Beach Bag from La Mer aux Trésors is there, not only to fill a need, but also to give a nod to humor. Its sturdy size of 33cm*26cm*15cm puts micro bags on the market to shame. What are you going to store there? Maybe your deepest secrets or just your sunscreen and beach towels.

Black and blue: the beach dandy

And since we know that you love fashion as much as we do, we have it available in two sober and elegant colors: black and navy blue. Imagine walking along the water 's edge, your Large Beach Bag swinging to the rhythm of your steps, as elegant as the ocean under the moonlight. Its sturdy canvas appearance not only turns heads, but also resists the attacks of sand, salt and sun.

Straps that would scream “chic” in every language

So you can carry your seaside treasures with as much elegance as comfort, we've added brown faux leather straps. Yes, you read correctly, in brown faux leather . It's like you're carrying a piece of the Riviera with every step you take on the warm sand. Not only will you look chic, you'll feel chic too.

A romance between you and your beach bag

So, let me tell you a story. It's the story of a woman who fell in love... with a beach bag. She saw him, tall and magnificent, in the corner of a shop. Its size and canvas structure made it clear that this was the ultimate beach bag. She liked the feel of the brown faux leather strap, the feeling of cheap luxury , a little indulgence she deserved.


  • Large beach bag by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Magnificent very large beach bag available in black or navy blue, faux leather strap
  • Large canvas bag
  • Brown faux leather shoulder strap
  • Black or navy blue in color
  • Size of 33cm (width) * 26cm (height) * 15cm (thickness)

The large beach bag, the ultimate accessory for a brilliant summer

Oh, wait! Before you start opening multiple tabs, let me make things easier for you. To find your new best beach friend, pop over to our beach bags page. You will find a variety of designs and sizes to suit all tastes.

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