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Tahitian necklace (x100)

Tahitian necklace (x100)

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Immerse yourself in a wave of style with our Tahitian Necklace, as authentic as Lilo's accent and more colorful than Stitch's Hawaiian shirt! 🌸

A tsunami of colors in every necklace!

How can you transform an ordinary day into an explosion of joy and color ? With our set of 10 Tahitian necklaces, you will never be short of good humor! Artificial flowers of all colors will immerse you directly in the Pacific Islands, without even having to move from your sofa. Each garland measures 52 cm, exactly the ideal length for a weightless pendant. Sun , ocean and warm sand are just a mouse click away!

Sea of ​​Treasures: your entry ticket to the tropical paradise!

Embark with us for a virtual crossing to the most beautiful beaches of Tahiti. At Sea of ​​Treasures, we transform nature into art, capturing the essence of the tropics in each necklace. Our creations are an explosion of colors, a garland of flowers of all colors, a joyful festival of natural beauty that pays homage to the festive soul of Tahiti.

Unfailing durability, for a party that never ends!

Our Tahitian necklaces are designed to stand the test of time. Made with high-quality artificial flowers, they retain their freshness and vibrancy for a long time, allowing you to extend the party well beyond dawn. And if Lilo is to be believed, there's nothing sadder than a party that ends too soon.

Joy is contagious with our set of 10 Tahitian necklaces!

Why settle for just one necklace when you can have ten? With our set of 10 necklaces , you can share the joy and color of the tropics with all your friends. Throw a tropical themed party and dazzle your guests with these unique party favors . After all, there is nothing more Tahitian than sharing happiness with others.

Bring Tahiti into your daily life!

A Tahitian necklace is not just a piece of jewelry , it is a state of mind. It invites relaxation , joy of living and appreciation of natural beauty. By wearing one of our necklaces, you carry a piece of Tahiti with you, wherever you go. Add an exotic touch to your daily outfit, and breathe the tropical breeze with every step.


  • Tahitian necklace by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Garland of flowers of all colors
  • Set of 10 flower necklaces
  • 52 cm garland
  • Artificial flowers for a longer duration
  • Ideal for a party

So, are you ready for a tropical adventure?

Come on, don't be shy! Stitch has never been shy when it comes to adding more color to his life and, let's be honest, we all wish we had a little more of his boldness! So, what are you waiting for to embark on your own tropical adventure? Visit our complete collection of floral necklaces and indulge in the beauty of the Pacific. Need a massive dose of joy?

Order ourset of 100 Hawaiian necklaces now. And if you're in a more maritime mood, let yourself be enchanted by our collection of sea necklaces . So, are you ready to dive into the deep blue ocean with Mer aux Trésors? All you have to do is click, and Tahiti will come to you! 🌸

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