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POPPY red heishi necklace

POPPY red heishi necklace

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Ahoy, cabin boy! Discover the most prized treasure of modern pirates: the POPPY Red Heishi Necklace! 🏄‍♂️

The Boarding of the Red Pearls

Any pirate worth their salt knows that jewelry is essential to displaying one's wealth and greatness. The POPPY Red Heishi Necklace, adorned with red pearls as bright as twilight at sea, will capsize hearts and attract the attention of all corsairs of the seven seas !

The Mixed Crew of the Colliers

Whether you're a proud buccaneer or a daring pirate, this heishi necklace is made for you! With its unisex design, it is suitable for men and women who want to sail in style. Get noticed during your next adventures and proudly display the colors of the POPPY Red Heishi Necklace!

The Sinking of the Collier Surf

If you're tired of ordinary surf necklaces that wash up on the shores of banality, opt for the POPPY Red Heishi Necklace! Its unique and daring design will allow you to stand out in the ocean of fashion.

The Adjustable Treasure

With an adjustable size of 47 cm, this collar adapts to all pirate sizes, from the skinniest to the most robust. So you can proudly wear your loot around your neck, whatever your neck size.

The Golden Clasp of the Conquerors

The POPPY Red Heishi Necklace has a golden stainless steel clasp, resistant to water and bad weather, worthy of the greatest conquerors. This way, you will be able to face the waves and storms without worrying that your precious treasure will deteriorate.

So, raise the Sea of ​​Treasures flag and join the crew of the POPPY Red Heishi Necklace! Don't wait any longer to get this unique piece of jewelry that will make you the terror of the oceans and the envy of all pirates!


  • POPPY red heishi necklace by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Red colored beads
  • Heishi necklace for men & women
  • Surf choker necklace
  • Adjustable size of 47 cm
  • Gold stainless steel clasp

The Odyssey of the Seas with Treasures

But wait, cabin boy, there are even more hidden treasures to discover! If you have the soul of a true explorer, browse the following links and discover the riches that await you. Drop anchor at the NAPPO Pink Heishi Surfer Necklace page for a touch of pink on the waves, then explore the fabulous surf necklace collections to broaden your horizons. Finally, dive into the heart of the mysterious collections of sea necklaces and sea jewelry to unearth treasures worthy of the greatest pirates in history. Don't miss this golden opportunity to fill your trunk with jewelry that is as precious as it is intriguing! 🏄‍♂️

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