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MELEMELE yellow beaded heishi necklace

MELEMELE yellow beaded heishi necklace

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Ahoy sailor! Cast off and head to MELEMELE Island with this heishi necklace with yellow beads, where parrots laugh and pirates have fun! 🏄‍♂️

Sail on the waves of humor with this MELEMELE yellow beaded heishi necklace, a real treasure for the eyes! Composed of clay beads in exotic colors of yellow, pink and blue, it recalls sunsets over a peaceful sea and fruity cocktails sipped on a sandy beach.

The mixed crew: for men and women

Who said piracy was only for men ? With this MELEMELE heishi necklace, share the loot between men and women ! This unisex accessory is perfect for adventurers looking for style and originality .

The anchor of fashion: the surf choker

Dive into the wave of trends with this surf choker necklace. Designed for true sea adventurers , it brings a touch of boldness and fantasy to your outfits. You don't need to be a surfing pro to wear this jewel, you just need to have the soul of a pirate!

The length of the treasure: adjustable size

With an adjustable size of up to 47 cm , this heishi necklace fits all pirate necks, whether they are skinny like a seagull or sturdy like a shark . Put on your necklace and feel ready to face the storms and sirens !

Surf, sun and style: the perfect combination

Are you a fan of surfing and the ocean? This surf necklace is made for you! Wear it proudly during your surf sessions and impress your friends with your unique and quirky style. However, be careful not to lose it during a daring trick!

A sailor , this heishi necklace is the ideal accessory for all modern pirates . So, embark on the adventure and raise the fashion flag with this piece of jewelry that is as funny as it is original!


  • MELEMELE yellow beaded heishi necklace by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Yellow, pink and blue colored clay beads
  • Heishi necklace for men & women
  • Surf choker necklace
  • Adjustable size of 47 cm
  • Ideal for surfing

For pirates looking for other jewels, drop anchor on the LANI blue and yellow beaded Heishi Necklace , another jewel that will make your heart skip a beat. Already addicted to style waves? Surf our collection of surf necklaces and discover unique pieces to complete your jewelry box. For ocean lovers, our collection of sea necklaces and sea jewelry will offer you a sea of ​​choices to adorn you from head to toe like a true modern-day pirate! 🏄‍♂️

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