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LANI blue and yellow beaded heishi necklace

LANI blue and yellow beaded heishi necklace

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Let yourself be carried away by the LANI Heishi Necklace, the treasure of pearls that would make even Captain Hook jealous!

Hoist high, sailors ! The LANI Heishi Necklace is here to conquer your neck with its blue and yellow beads. Cast off and set off on an adventure with this jewel that will make you the king of the Seven Seas of fashion!

A Priceless Treasure (Davy Jones's Vault)

What's better than a treasure trove of pearls to flatter your bodice and draw all eyes in your direction? The blue and yellow beads of the LANI Heishi Necklace are like a ray of sunshine in the tropics, capturing the shine of the sea and the warmth of the golden sand for an inimitable style.

The Legend of the Pearls (The Mermaid and the Talking Parrot)

The Heishi Necklace is not just a piece of jewelry , it is a true legend ! Each pearl has been shaped by the expert hands of our team of artisans, like pirates skillfully wielding their swords to create a masterpiece that will delight the most demanding of fashion buccaneers.

The alliance of colors (The Dolphins' Ball)

The marriage of blue and yellow pearls of the Heishi LANI Necklace is an alliance as harmonious as that of a dolphin and the ocean. This jewel will accompany you on your adventures, whether on land or at sea, and will be your most faithful companion, like a parrot perched on the shoulder of a proud captain.

Immediate boarding (The wind in our sails)

So, sailor, are you ready to hoist the sails and embark on the quest for ultimate style with this Heishi Necklace? Don't miss this opportunity to shine among the most stylish pirates and conquer hearts with your new treasure ! Cast off, raise the fashion flag, and let the adventure begin!


  • LANI blue and yellow beaded heishi necklace by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Blue and yellow colored clay beads
  • Heishi necklace for men & women
  • Surf choker necklace
  • Adjustable size of 47 cm
  • Ideal for a walk to the beach

But wait, there's even more! If the LANI Heishi Necklace has conquered your pirate soul, don't forget to drop anchor in our Sea of ​​Treasures ! Browse our site with ease and discover our fabulous LANI White Surf Necklace , a jewel worthy of a queen of the seas in search of elegance. Dive into our marine-themed collections, like the Surf Necklaces or the Sea Necklaces , and get your hands on the most beautiful treasures from the seabed. And for the most greedy buccaneers, our collection of Sea Jewelry will delight you with creations that will take you towards chic and stylish horizons! 🏄‍♂️

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