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Golden shell necklace

Golden shell necklace

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Never again will you be considered a lost mussel thanks to our golden shell necklace, the real compliment magnet! 🐚

A Jewel with Pep: The Prince of the Tides

Well yes, my dear! You understood everything. You have before you the prince charming of the tides , the undisputed king of the beach , the golden shell necklace. It shines as bright as the summer sun, but without the sunburn, promise!

It tastes like sea salt, without making you wince like after a misplaced shot of tequila. And it smells like the ocean , without being a pinched lobster. Oh, and if you're expecting a "But" at the end of this paragraph, know that there isn't one.

No longer be an Oyster, Open yourself to the World!

But that's not all ! If you sometimes feel like an oyster, a little closed, a little reserved, our golden necklace is the key that will open your shell!

Imagine yourself at a summer barbecue, all eyes on your sparkling neck. You'll be the starfish of the party, without even having to do a ridiculous dance or tell an embarrassing story. Our shell necklace will be your spokesperson, without the awkward jokes.

Travel with the Waves, Without Leaving Dry Land

Whether you're stuck on the subway, in the office, or in the dentist's waiting room, this necklace will transport you straight to the beach. It's like a round trip to the Maldives , but without the time difference and the hefty bill.

Every time you glance at this shiny jewel , you will hear the sound of the waves , feel the sea wind in your hair and the warm sand under your feet. And you won't even have to worry about sandwich-stealing seagulls!

A Jewel That Says “Yes” to Life (And “No” to Pirates)

By wearing this jewel with its cowrie shells, you will say "Yes" to life, "Yes" to adventure and "No" to pirates. Because let's face it, no one wants to be accosted by a drunk pirate on the open sea . Unless you're in a Johnny Depp movie, of course. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this treasure of the seas, and transform your life into an endless adventure.


  • Golden shell necklace by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Necklace with natural cowrie shells and in its center, a golden shell
  • Choker shell jewelry for men & women
  • Resizable size between 38 & 55 cm
  • Black cotton thread made of cotton
  • With golden clasp

Don't be that grumpy crustacean anymore

Take the helm of your ship and sail towards a life of seafaring glamour! It's now or never - or at least until the seagulls steal everything. So, ready to embark? You can take off to discover our sublime White Shell Rose Gold Necklace .

If you've already been bitten by the golden shell necklace fever, why not broaden your horizons? You can drop anchor on our Shell Necklaces , Sea Necklaces or even our complete Sea Jewelry collection page. Whatever you choose, remember: every treasure you bring back will be the envy of the entire crew. So cast off and set off on an adventure! 🐚

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