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Gray bracelet with golden shell

Gray bracelet with golden shell

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Once upon a time there lived an intrepid pirate named Pierre LeFlibustier. He had sailed the most dangerous seas , plundered incredible treasures and experienced thrilling adventures . But despite all these years of living on the oceans , there was nothing he loved more than the jewelry he wore on his wrist : a gray bracelet adorned with a golden shell.

This bracelet had a story just as fascinating as that of Pierre. It had been discovered during a stopover on a tropical island , hidden in the depths of a secret cave . Pierre had found it while exploring the cave with his crew. It was wrapped in ancient cloth and was so shiny that Pierre immediately knew it must be his.

He had brought the bracelet back aboard his ship and cleaned it carefully. He was amazed to discover that it was made of pure silver and inlaid with a finely carved shell. He then put it on his wrist and never wanted to part with it again.

He had worn this bracelet on all his adventures , and it had become a symbol of his luck and success as a pirate. He was the silent witness to his most incredible exploits and he had become tangible proof of his pirate life.

Pierre had eventually retired from the seas and spent the rest of his life telling his stories and showing off his precious gray bracelet with the silver shell to anyone who would listen. And even after his death, his legend still lived on through the jewelry he had worn proudly throughout his pirate life.


  • Gray bracelet with golden shell by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Also suitable as an anklet
  • Ankle bracelet for women & men
  • Natural shells
  • Resizable size
  • Gray cotton thread
  • With two small pearls on the clasp
  • Decorated with a golden shell


As an experienced sailor , I can assure you that our gray bracelet adorned with a golden shell is a perfect accessory for anyone who loves the sea. It reflects the elegance and elegance of the waves , while reminding us of hidden wonders under the waters.

Do you want to be the star of the beach this summer ? Then this gray bracelet decorated with a golden shell is made for you! It is made from natural shells, with a gray cotton thread for a casual style. This jewel is also resizable in size to fit all wrists, even the smallest or largest (but not too much, we have limits). And finally, the clasp is decorated with two small pearls for a touch of finesse .

With this bracelet you will be the king or queen of shells , but be careful, you could become the cynosure of all the seagulls looking for food. But don't panic, this bracelet is elegant , but not edible! So don't wait any longer and treat yourself with this funny and original piece of jewelry that will make you stand out from the crowd. Order now!

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