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CHAINSEA anchor chain bracelet

CHAINSEA anchor chain bracelet

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Hoist your styles high, sailors! With the anchor chain bracelet from La Mer Aux Trésors, it's the ocean that embraces your wrist and fashion that salutes your good taste! ⚓

A Wake of Elegance in the Ocean of Fashion

Thousand portholes ! Get ready to embark on a journey to the heart of style with our very fine chain bracelet, a faithful companion to your marine anchor . Forging its reputation on the waves of exceptional know-how, the Mer Aux Trésors is once again hoisting the mainsail of refinement.

This wrist cord, as fine as the breath of a sea breeze, is proudly accompanied by its elegant anchor. A fusion of delicacy and solidity like the perfect balance between the sky and the ocean .

The Sailor's Harmony: Between Strength and Subtlety

Whether silver like the foam of a raging wave or golden like the sunset on the horizon, this marine jewel will delight the eyes of freshwater sailors as well as those of seasoned sea dogs. It is made up of a high quality chain, dipped in the alloy of the best goldsmiths of the Mer Aux Trésors, and a marine anchor which will not fail to awaken in you the taste for adventure .

Browse Lightweight and Fitted

Its light weight of 23 g will make you almost forget that you are wearing it. However, its presence will not fail to be noticed, because it shines with its singularity, just like the lighthouse guides ships in the night.

And so that everyone can wear this marine jewel , it features a unique size, adjustable to perfection thanks to its innovative clasp. Whether you have a wrist as strong as a ship's rope or as thin as a clothesline, our anchor chain bracelet is made for you!

Embark on a Journey to the Heart of Elegance

The story of this bracelet is not only that of a piece of jewelry , but that of a journey. A journey that begins on the bow of a ship , guided by the symbolic anchor that adorns this magnificent bracelet. It is a journey to the heart of elegance, style and singularity.

Whether you are a company captain , a sailor in a routine daily life, or a solitary navigator in the ocean of life, this anchor chain bracelet is a call to adventure, a nod to your audacity and your taste for the exceptional.


  • Anchor chain bracelet by Mer Aux Trésors
  • Very fine chain bracelet accompanied by its marine anchor
  • By the biniou, here is a wrist line as fine as a mast string, proudly accompanied by its marine anchorage!
  • Made up of a high quality chain and a marine anchor
  • Marine jewelry in silver or gold color
  • One size adjustable thanks to its clasp which fits all wrists
  • Weight of 23g

The Course for Elegance is Given

So, sailors, ready to raise the flag of elegance and cast off the moorings of everyday life? If your head is spinning, don't panic! We haven't yet invented earth sickness, as far as I know. And even if you can't find your compass, our marine anchor bracelet will guide you towards a look that makes waves. If you have a weakness for these little pieces of sea that you attach to your wrist, our anchor bracelets will seduce you like a mermaid does with a lonely sailor.

And if you have the soul of an old sea dog, don't hesitate to drop anchor on our marine bracelets . And don't forget, dear trend adventurers, each piece of sea jewelry from La Mer Aux Trésors is an invitation to sail the ocean of elegance, without fearing the sinking of fashion. Because in our house, the only thing that leaks is bad taste! ⚓

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