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Collection: Sailor cap

Sailor cap - Sea of ​​Treasures

Embark on the wave of laughter with the collection of sailor caps from “Mer Aux Trésors”. From the quays of Normandy to the ports of Brittany , our hats have conquered more than one old sea dog with their undeniable charm, and now, they are ready to conquer your wardrobes.

Yes, sailor, you read that right! If Father Fouras had a sailor's cap , it would undoubtedly be one of those in our collection. Get ready to unleash storms of laughter and make waves with these high-seas headwear , equally at home on land or in the ocean.

Our collection of sailor caps doesn't just cover your head, it propels you onto the deck of a sailboat, the wind in your hair, a laugh in your heart, and of course, a Breton cap on your head. Because after all, laughter is the best sail, right?

So, raise your sense of humor high and sail towards the horizon. They are designed to withstand the tides of time, dirty jokes and even curious seagulls . Cabin sailors, ready to set sail for adventure? Come discover our unique and hilarious collection. It's time to raise the flag of style and laughter!

Why wear a sailor hat from Mer Aux Trésors? 🌊

A headgear stronger than a hurricane

Why wear a sailor hat from Mer Aux Trésors, you ask? Well, my dear buccaneers, a sailor's cap is like a good old treasure map: it not only serves to decorate , but it leads you where you need to go. A hat from Mer Aux Trésors is not just a piece of knitted fabric, oh no! It's a roof for your ideas, a refuge for your dreams and a shield against the worst hair storms !

Say goodbye to bad hair days

Have you ever woken up with a hairstyle that looks like a rampaging octopus ? No worries, our Breton hats are there for that! Throw one on, and you'll turn your bad hair day into a sailor style day. And the best part is, you can laugh at the seagulls while you're at it, because you know what? They don't have a hat!

A hat for every sailor

At Mer Aux Trésors, we have a hat for every sailor, whether they are a proud captain or a clumsy cabin boy . Do you like the tranquility of navy blue? We have a hat for that. Do you prefer the bright colors of a tropical sunset? We have a hat for that. Do you want a hat with anchors, whales or even a kraken? Well, you're in luck, because we have hats for that too!

Be the lighthouse in the mist

Wearing a Breton miki from Mer Aux Trésors is like being a lighthouse in the mist. You become a guide, a source of warmth and light. So, the next time you think about buying an item of clothing, choose a sailor hat. Because who wouldn't want to be a beacon in this sometimes foggy world?

One last word before casting off

Remember, sailors: a good hat is not just an accessory. It’s a statement, an affirmation of your sailor soul. So hoist high, dear friends, and sail into the world. After all, even the fiercest storm can't do anything against a real sailor... especially if he's wearing one of our hats!

How to wear a sailor cap? 🌊

Hoisting the sailor cap: the basics of headgear

There are no thirty-six ways to wear a sailor's hat, my friends! But to begin, allow me to enlighten you with this simple guide, inspired by the ocean and the stars that guide our path. This guide will give you advice on how to wear your sailor hat to look like a real sea dog.

The drifting sailor cap: the casual style

The first style, which I affectionately call "the drifting beanie," is the casual sailor hat. It's as simple as pie: place the cap on your head, let it sit naturally, like a seagull lands on an old wooden quay. Let your sailor cap flutter with the winds, while keeping your ears warm. There you have it, you have the casual style.

The sailor's cap hoisted high: the audacity of the captain

The second style of beanie is for those who like to show off that they are the captain of their own ship. To do this, nothing could be simpler: pull the edge of your hat so that it stands proudly on your head, like a boat mast ready to face the waves. Your hat is thus raised high, showing everyone that you are not afraid to brave the storm.

The folded sailor's cap: the elegance of the old sea dog

The last style is that of the old sea dog who has seen a thousand and one storms. To achieve this look, fold the brim of your sailor cap once or twice, creating a neat and refined appearance. This is the ideal sailor hat style for those who want to combine the rustic charm of the sailor with a touch of modern elegance.

A sailor's hat for all seas

No matter how you choose to wear your sailor clothing , remember that the important thing is to wear it with pride. Whether you're on land or at sea, it's more than just headgear : it's a symbol of freedom, adventure and the indefatigable seafaring spirit.

What to wear a sailor hat for men and women with? 🌊

Cast Off: How to Pair Your Sailor Hat

Once upon a time, there was a hat so incredible that it could transform a mere mortal into a true ocean star. It’s of course the sailor hat we’re talking about! But the lingering question is, “What to wear this hat with that’s not just for Popeye?” Sit tight, and hold on to your cap , we will roll out the carpet of seaweed for you.

Octopus Laugh: The Sailor Hat and Casual Style

Paired with casual jeans and a hoodie, this headwear will give you a casual look perfect for your outings in the city. So, don't be afraid of being confused with a sailor lost in the streets of the city, the trend is towards urban "marinization".

And don't forget, a good sailor never goes without his anchor bracelet , the ideal companion for your Breton cap.

High Tide: The Sailor Hat for a Chic Evening

Who said a sailor hat couldn't be chic? With a suit or a beautiful dress , the sailor hat can bring a touch of originality to your outfit. You could evoke the poetry of the seas and oceans in the middle of a social cocktail.

Coup de Vent: Sailor Hat and Sportswear

For sports enthusiasts, the hat can be an unexpected, but very stylish, accessory. With leggings or jogging pants , it gives a touch of daring that will not go unnoticed.