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Collection: Ankle jewelry

Ankle jewelry - Mer Aux Trésors

Hey there, my sweet mermaids of the waves! 🌊 Have you ever surfed a wave and felt that little spark on your ankle, like a wink from the sun itself? Well, let me tell you a story.

Each shimmering anklet is like a piece of the ocean, capturing the thrill of the foam and the mystery of the abyss. Want a gem that tells a story? Think of mermaids , seashells and the secrets of the deep sea. With the variations of these ornaments, every step you take feels like dancing with the waves.

So, ocean lovers, dive into this exclusive collection and bring a marine touch to every adventure. Because, honestly, who doesn't love adding a little sea sparkle to their surfer swag?

Why wear jewelry for your ankle? Dive in, surfers! 🏄‍♀️

Ride in Style: The Shine of the Ankle

Honestly, have you ever felt that incredible vibe when you're gliding on a wave, and your jewelry sparkles in the sun like a little beacon for lost fish ? Not only does a foot ornament add a little “je ne sais quoi” to your surfer panache, but it also evokes that marine spark that says: “I was born to shine, both on the beach and in the waves! ". And let's face it, there's nothing chicer than letting this little treasure shine while you have a cup of coffee after a surf session.

Word of Ocean: The story behind each Jewel

Each foot set has its own story, like that day you rode that huge wave or that time a dolphin came to greet you (that was amazing, right?). You are not just wearing an accessory, but a story, a memory, a part of the ocean. Whether it's a piece of seashell jewelry or a charming mermaid, each piece evokes a unique sea adventure.

More than a Fashion: A Marine Statement

When you choose to wear an ankle ornament , you're not just following a trend, you're making a statement. A declaration that says: “Yes, I am a child of the sea, a mermaid who adores every salty drop of this vast and beautiful ocean.” You know, the sea is not just a place for surfing or relaxing. It's a part of us.

The different types of jewelry for surfers: The art of shining on the waves

“Wave Wraps”: Surfer Bracelets

We start with the wrists! Surfer bracelets are like faithful witnesses to all your aquatic adventures. Whether they are made of braided rope, with beads or surfboard-shaped charms, they bring a bohemian touch to your look. You can layer them, mix them, and above all, get them wet during your surf sessions. They're like a diary of your days at the beach, with each knot and bead telling a story.

The “Tidal Rings”: The Mermaid Rings

Who said surfers can't be stylish? Rings , whether in solid silver, gold or adorned with precious stones, are a way of keeping the sea close to you. Perhaps a shell ring to remember your first wave, or a ring evoking the curves of the ocean to remind you of your unwavering connection with the sea . Just a word of advice: be careful when waxing your board, we don't want to ruin these beauties!

Coral Collars: Ocean Collars

Ah, the necklace ... the echo of the sea that resonates around your neck. From a simple dolphin pendant to beads reminiscent of hidden treasures of the deep, necklaces are here to bring out your love of the ocean. They can be subtle, for a little reminder of your passion, or more extravagant, to show the world that you are a queen of the waves!

My dear surf mermaids, here's the scoop on the jewelry that will help you shine both on land and in the water. Each piece tells a story, each sparkle reflects your passion. So, whether you're at the peak, after-surfing or a moonlit evening, never forget to add a touch of oceanic sparkle to your outfit. Ride in style, girls!

Caring for Your Jewelry After a Salty Ride: Keep It Sparkling Like the First Day!

Salty Shakedown: Getting Rid of Salt

Okay, surfers, even though salt gives our hair those wonderful waves, it's no friend to our jewelry. Salt can tarnish and corrode, especially if you wear silver jewelry. After a day frolicking in the waves , be sure to rinse your finery with fresh water. This will help remove salt residue and preserve their shine. So, before bragging about your latest wrinkle to your friends, give your jewelry a gentle bath.

Sunset Buff": Cleaning and Polishing

The sun is setting, you're sitting on the beach , thinking about that perfect wave. Now is the perfect time to give your ornaments a little polishing. Use a soft cloth to buff and remove sand prints and sunscreen splashes. This will ensure they stay as bright as your smile after a perfect day on the water.

Moonlight Safekeep": Night Storage

Although the idea of ​​sleeping with your favorite gems may seem romantic, nighttime is the time to let them breathe. Store them in a cool, dry place, ideally in a small bag or box. This will protect them from moisture, dust and ensure they are ready for your next sunrise adventure.