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Marine animals: discover the amazing creatures of the deep

In this section we explore the most fascinating marine animals and their incredible biodiversity. From majestic whales to colorful clownfish to hypnotic jellyfish, discover captivating stories and surprising facts about these creatures that inhabit the oceans.

Drawing class: learn to depict the beauty of the sea

The marine world is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for budding artists and experienced designers. Our drawing courses will allow you to master the techniques to faithfully represent sea animals and underwater landscapes. From step-by-step tutorials to tips for adding realism to your creations, you'll find everything you need to develop your artistic talents.

Poems and literature: explore the sea through words

The sea has always been a muse for writers and poets. Dive into our collection of poems and literary excerpts that celebrate the beauty and power of the oceans. Discover classic and contemporary texts that will take you on a journey through waves, storms and distant shores.

Ecology and protection of the oceans: acting to preserve marine treasures

The preservation of the oceans and their biodiversity is at the heart of our concerns. In this section, we address environmental issues related to the oceans and the actions we can take to protect this precious ecosystem. Learn about issues such as plastic pollution, ocean acidification and overfishing, and discover how you can help preserve marine treasures.

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