L'histoire du célèbre signe de surf shaka et ses origines variées

The history of the famous shaka surf sign and its varied origins

The Shaka sign, commonly associated with surfers , has its origins in Hawaiian culture. This popular gesture was popularized as surf culture grew and spread across California and America in the 1960s. Hawaiian surfers began using this distinctive sign to greet their friends and wave companions .

Shaka's anatomy

To perform the Shaka sign, you must extend your thumb and little finger while keeping the three middle fingers curled in the palm of your hand. This move quickly became popular among surfers, who adopted it under the nickname " Hang Loose ."

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The international expansion of Shaka

Over the years, the Shaka sign has spread to various parts of the world, including Europe , Oceania , Asia and Africa . It has been adopted by many water sports enthusiasts and celebrities, including former United States President Barack Obama , who helped popularize the gesture globally.

The multiple meanings of the Shaka sign

A universal language

The Shaka can be used to express several positive messages, such as:

  1. Hi
  2. Thank You
  3. All Right
  4. See You (See you soon)
  5. Peace
  6. Goodbye
  7. Take Care
  8. Chill Out

However, it is important to note that the meaning of Shaka can vary depending on the country . For example, in China it means "six", while in Russia a similar gesture can invite one to drink a beer. In some Caribbean islands, Shaka may suggest sexual contact.

The controversial origins of the word "Shaka"

Polynesian researchers have discovered that the term "Shaka" is not of Hawaiian origin. One of the strongest theories about the origin of Shaka refers to Hamana Kalili of Laie (June 18, 1882 – December 17, 1958), a Hawaiian fisherman who lost three middle fingers of his right hand in an accident at sea. former Kahuku sugar factory.

After the accident, Hamana became a security guard for a sugar train and tried to prevent children from getting on board. The children made fun of him by imitating his gesture, which became the Shaka sign.

Another story attributes the origin of the Shaka to David "Lilly" Espinda, a parking lot and gas station owner who used the gesture to greet his customers. Later, Honolulu Mayor Frank Fasi helped further popularize the Shaka sign. Today, it is so widespread that there is even an official Shaka emoji on our smartphones: 🤙🏼.

The Shaka: a symbol of belonging and conviviality

The adoption of Shaka by surfers

The Shaka sign has become a strong symbol among surfers , who adopted it to express their belonging to the surfing community and share values ​​such as camaraderie, relaxation and good humor.

Shaka in pop culture

Beyond the surfing community, the Shaka has also been adopted by celebrities and public figures , helping to expand its popularity and transform it into a sign of friendliness and goodwill across different cultures.

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Learn to throw a Shaka

The Shaka is an easy gesture to learn and use in various situations. Whether greeting friends, expressing gratitude, or simply sharing a relaxed attitude, the Shaka has become an international symbol of goodwill and positivity.

Frequently asked questions about the shaka

What is the Shaka surf sign?

The Shaka sign is a popular gesture in surfing and Hawaiian culture that expresses a feeling of friendship, solidarity and relaxation. To do a Shaka, extend your thumb and little finger outward while bending the other fingers toward the palm of your hand.

What is the origin of the Shaka sign?

The exact origin of the Shaka sign is uncertain, but it is generally associated with Hawaiian culture and surfing communities. According to some legends, the gesture dates back to a man named Hamana Kalili, a Hawaiian worker who lost his three middle fingers in an accident and began using the gesture to greet people.

How was the Shaka sign adopted by surf culture?

The Shaka sign was adopted by surf culture as surfing grew and popularized in Hawaii. Local surfers and visitors alike have embraced the gesture as a symbol of camaraderie, friendship and respect for fellow surfers and the ocean.

Is it appropriate to use the Shaka sign outside of surf and Hawaiian culture?

Although the Shaka sign is closely associated with surfing and Hawaiian culture, it has become a broader symbol of positivity, relaxation and friendship. It is generally considered acceptable to use it in other contexts, as long as one is aware of its origin and uses it respectfully.

Are there other gestures similar to the Shaka sign in other cultures?

The Shaka sign is unique, but there are other cultural gestures that convey feelings of friendship and solidarity, such as the "hang loose" in Latin America, or the "V" for victory, used in many many cultures to express peace or success.

When is it appropriate to use the Shaka sign?

The Shaka sign is used to express positive feelings such as friendship, solidarity and relaxation. It is appropriate to use it when you want to show your support, appreciation or friendship towards someone, whether in a surfing context or in everyday life.

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Is the Shaka sign used in sign language?

Although the Shaka sign is not part of American Sign Language (ASL) or other official sign languages, it can be used as an informal gesture to express positive feelings or to greet friends, provided that people concerned understand its meaning.

Conclusion on the history of the famous shaka surf sign and its varied origins

And there you have it, dear readers, we have surfed together on the tumultuous waves of the history of the mythical surf sign shaka, exploring its varied and colorful origins. From the man who loses his fingers to a divine encounter with a Hawaiian god, we can say that the shaka has had an adventure worthy of a Hollywood script .

So the next time you find yourself on a sunny beach with your toes in the sand, don't forget to honor this great heritage by throwing a well-deserved shaka to your surfing friends or to the sea itself. After all, who knows, maybe Poseidon , Neptune or even Kahuna himself will send you a perfect wave to ride in return?

In conclusion, whether you are an experienced surfer , a beginner or simply an admirer of surf culture, remember: when in doubt, shaka! And if anyone asks you where this iconic sign came from, just tell them it's such an epic story that it couldn't be contained in a single story. With that, grab your boards and ride those waves, my friends – shaka brah!

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