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Easy turtle drawing

Ahoy, artistic sailors ! You've all seen a turtle , right? These charming sea creatures that move at the speed of a sailing ship without wind... Well, hold on to your pirate hats , because our treasure map today guides us to the mysterious world of easy turtle drawing!

Here at Mer Aux Trésors , we believe that even the most hardened pirate can learn to draw, as can sail the seven seas, provided they have the right guidance! So, prepare your pencils and your parchments , because we are about to embark on a drawing journey like no other, which will make you the King or Queen of the cartoon turtles!

Our turtle drawing class will transform you into a Michelangelo of the seas in no time. Not only will you learn how to capture the majestic slowness of these mesmerizing animals on paper, but you will also discover how to bring every detail to life, from the soft pattern of their shell to their placid, serene gaze.

Whatever your drawing experience, whether you are a privateer who already handles a pencil with dexterity or a sailor who has never touched a pencil before, we have the perfect cape for you. At the end of this journey, you will be able to draw a turtle with disconcerting ease, which would make Caribbean parrots green with envy!

But don't worry, sailors, it's not a race! Like our friends the turtles, we will move at a pace that suits us. After all, it's not just about drawing a turtle, but savoring every wave and wind of this artistic journey.

And don't forget, drawing is like the sea: the more you immerse yourself in it, the more hidden treasures you discover. So, dive in and discover your hidden talent for turtle drawing ! See you on deck, sailors!

What materials do you need to easily draw a turtle? 🐢

Ready to embark on the ocean of drawing with just a pencil and a piece of paper ? Before starting this adventure, let's properly prepare our duffel bag. Here are the drawing materials you need to capture the magic of turtles without being overwhelmed by a storm of incomprehension.

The Drawing Compass: Your Pencil

What would a sailor be without his navigation compass? Likewise, your artistic journey begins with the right pencil . Whether you opt for a classic HB pencil or a lead pencil, the important thing is that it allows you to trace the delicate contours of your turtle with precision and ease. This is the first travel companion in your adventure to learn how to draw a turtle.

The Pirate Scroll: Your Paper

Like a good old parchment to trace your treasure map, the choice of paper is essential. Thick paper can be ideal for working on the details of your turtle's shell, but thinner paper will also do the trick for your first sketches. The key ? Try different types until you find the real pirate scroll that will host your twisty masterpiece .

Maritime Charts: Your Eraser

Even the most skilled drawing captain can take a wrong turn. For this, your eraser will be the equivalent of your maritime charts , it will correct your errors and put you back on the right course. Choosing a quality eraser will ensure that your artistic journey remains as smooth as the sea on a windless day.

Exploration Binoculars: Your pencil sharpener

The outlines of your turtle should be as sharp as possible. And for that, you'll need a pencil sharpener – your exploration binoculars. This little tool will help you refine your lines and bring your turtle to life, while ensuring your pencil is always ready to use.

The Guiding Stars: Your Model Turtle

And finally, even the bravest sailor needs a guide . Whether you use an online template, an art book, or a real turtle (if you're lucky enough to have one on hand), having a visual reference will help you navigate the sometimes turbulent waters of turtle drawing easy.

Draw a turtle easily step by step 🐢

Have you gathered all your drawing materials and are ready to board the simple turtle drawing ship? Come on, hoist the sails, let's go on a journey through the essential steps for drawing a turtle. But don't worry, like our friends the turtles, we are moving forward slowly but surely!

First Stopover: The route of the shell, turtle island

Our journey begins with the turtle's greatest symbol , its shell . Think of an old round treasure chest, a bit like the one where you store your gold coins ! Draw a large circle for the shell and a small one for the head. Add four more smaller circles for the legs, and voilà, you already have a sketch of a turtle!

Second Stopover: The detail of the scales, the coral reef

A turtle without its distinctive shell would look like a sailor without his pirate hat, wouldn't it? Draw curved lines on the shell circle to represent the scales. Imagine that you are drawing waves on a calm sea , it's that simple!

Third Stopover: The eyes and the mouth, the anchor of the smile

Now it's time to add some personality to our turtle! Draw two circles for the eyes and a small arc for the mouth. There you go, our turtle now has a face and it seems ready to dive into the blue ocean!

Fourth Stopover: The finishes, the sea of ​​details

The last step of our journey is to add the final details. Trace the claws of the legs, the patterns of the shell and the outline of the head. Every detail counts to bring our easy turtle drawing to life!

The Port of Arrival: The coloring, the underwater rainbow

Finally, to bring our turtle to life, let's not forget to color it. Use greens and browns for the shell, and gray for the skin. And there you have it, you have successfully navigated through the process of drawing a turtle!

So, dear drawing pirates , are you ready to drop anchor and admire your masterpiece? Remember, drawing is a journey, not a destination. So, savor every stop and every wave of this journey to draw a turtle easily step by step. See you soon for new artistic adventures on the seven seas of creativity!

Tips and tricks from a drawing teacher to better draw a turtle 🐢 - Mer Aux Trésors

Tips and tricks from a drawing teacher to better draw a turtle 🐢

Hold on to your pirate hat and prepare to sail through the waves of knowledge!

Tip #1: The Secret of the Carapace, the Enigma of the Treasure Chest

To capture the essence of a turtle, you must first master the shell design. But don't worry, it's as easy as solving a treasure chest puzzle! Remember: the shell is larger at the back and narrower at the front, much like the shape of a ship. Draw it accordingly, and your turtle will already look more realistic.

Tip #2: The Sailor’s Eye, the Detail that Makes the Difference

A good sailor knows that details can make the difference between a smooth voyage and being stranded on a reef . In drawing, it's the same! Don't forget to detail the scales of your turtle's shell and give expression to its face. A simple smile or sparkling eyes can bring a lot of life to your drawing.

Tip #3: The Call of Color, the Treasure of the Palette

Never underestimate the power of color . Like a treasure shining under the sun, it can transform your drawing. Use varying shades of greens and browns for the shell, and don't forget to add a little blue for the water reflections. This is a tip that will make your turtle shine like a real marine treasure.

Tip #4: The Captain’s Patience, the Turtle’s Journey

Remember, drawing a turtle is like sailing across the ocean : it requires patience. Don't rush, take the time to observe your model and understand its structure. The slow pace of the turtle is a true lesson for all artists: take your time and savor every moment of your creative journey. Dive like a turtle to discover our marine coloring pages to download for free! 🐢

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