Les marques de vêtements bretons

Breton clothing brands

Breton clothing brands are the perfect embodiment of the cultural and traditional heritage of this French region. Brittany , rich in history and identity, offers unique fashion that stands out for its style and quality. In this article, we will discover the best Breton clothing brands, their history, their impact on regional fashion and why they are so loved by fashion lovers around the world.

The origins of Breton clothing: between tradition and identity

The sailor top, a symbol of belonging and history

The sailor top , also known as striped knitwear, is undoubtedly Brittany's most iconic garment. Its origin dates back to the 19th century, where it served as a uniform for French sailors to facilitate their identification in the event of an accident at sea.

Over time, the sailor's shirt has become a symbol of belonging and identity for the Bretons. The blue and white stripes of the sailor top symbolize not only the sea, but also solidarity and belonging to the Breton maritime community. It is also a reflection of the maritime history of the region, which has always been at the heart of its economy and culture.

Traditional Breton costume: the expression of cultural diversity

Traditional Breton costume is another key element of the region's clothing identity. It is made up of several pieces which vary according to the different geographical areas of Brittany, thus reflecting the diversity of local traditions.

Women generally wear a lace headdress, called " bigoudène " in the Bigouden country, which can take different shapes and sizes depending on the area. The headdress is often accompanied by a dress, an embroidered apron and a scarf. Men wear an embroidered jacket and a round hat , as well as pants and gaiters . Traditional costumes are made with local materials and embroidery techniques specific to each region.

These costumes reflect the diversity of local traditions and are still worn during festivals and celebrations in Brittany, such as the Interceltic Festival of Lorient or the Grand Pardon of Sainte-Anne-la-Palud. They are witnesses to a rich cultural and historical heritage , which the Bretons continue to preserve and promote.

The evolution of Breton clothing: from function to fashion

Beyond the sailor top and the traditional costume, Breton clothing has evolved with time and trends . Materials and cuts have modernized, allowing Breton clothing brands to offer current pieces while retaining their cultural heritage. Breton clothing, once mainly functional , has been able to reinvent itself to become fashion pieces in its own right.

This evolution is particularly visible in the way in which Breton clothing integrates innovative and sustainable materials, such as organic linen or recycled wool , which demonstrate a commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

The essential Breton clothing brands: quality, authenticity and innovation

Armor Lux, the reference in sailor tops and much more

Armor Lux is undoubtedly the most famous Breton clothing brand. Founded in 1938 in Quimper by Walter Hubacher, this family business specialized in the production of quality marine clothing , notably the striped top, which became their flagship product. Today, Armor Lux offers a wide range of clothing for men, women and children, as well as accessories and decorative items inspired by the sea and Breton tradition.

Armor Lux stands out for its commitment to sustainable development and local production . The majority of their products are manufactured in France , thus guaranteeing impeccable quality and compliance with environmental standards. With a turnover of 100 million euros in 2021, Armor Lux is a major player in Breton fashion and an ambassador of regional identity around the world.

Le Minor, Breton craftsmanship at the service of fashion and ethics

Le Minor is another flagship brand of Breton fashion, founded in 1922 in Guidel by Léon Le Minor. Known for its quality clothing, Le Minor stands out for its artisanal know-how and its commitment to local and ethical production. Using natural materials such as linen and wool, this brand offers clothing that is both comfortable and elegant, which embodies the authenticity of Breton heritage.

The Minor is also committed to preserving the environment and local heritage. The brand works in close collaboration with local artisans and producers , thus promoting the circular economy and the maintenance of traditional know-how. Le Minor is a must-have brand for those looking for authentic and sustainable Breton clothing.

Mousqueton, maritime adventure at the heart of fashion and functionality

Mousqueton is a Breton clothing brand founded in 2003 by Bruno and Frédérique, two sailing and fashion enthusiasts. Inspired by the maritime world and the specific needs of sailors, Mousqueton offers functional and trendy pieces that combine comfort, quality and style. Watch jackets, raincoats , pants, polo shirts and many others, Mousqueton offers a wide range of clothing suitable for adventurers and sea lovers.

Mousqueton attaches particular importance to the quality of its products, using resistant and durable materials, such as cotton or tarpaulin. The brand also stands out for its colorful designs and original patterns, which reflect Brittany's energy and joie de vivre. With constant growth since its creation, Mousqueton has become an essential brand for fans of Breton fashion and nautical activities .

Brestoise, Breton fashion for lovers of the town of Ponant

Brestoise is a Breton clothing brand founded in 2015, which pays homage to the city of Brest and its maritime heritage. It offers collections of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, combining quality, originality and contemporary design. Brestoise products are designed with comfortable and durable materials, perfect for lovers of the sea and the city.

Terre & Mer, the brand committed to eco-responsible fashion

Terre & Mer is a Breton clothing brand created in 2011, which is committed to eco-responsible and supportive fashion. It offers a range of clothing for men and women, designed with natural, organic or recycled materials, such as organic cotton, linen and eco-responsible wool. Terre & Mer's creations combine style, comfort and durability, while highlighting Breton identity.

Saint James, the tradition of the striped sailor top serving timeless fashion

Founded in 1889, the French brand Saint James specializes in making sailor clothing, including the famous sailor top. Although it is not originally from Brittany, Saint James has become an essential reference in the world of Breton fashion thanks to its clothing collections inspired by the maritime history of the region. The brand offers pieces for men, women and children, with an emphasis on quality, comfort and timeless style.

These Breton clothing brands, with varied and complementary identities, offer lovers of Brittany and fashion a wide range of choices to express their attachment to this unique region . Whether they are sailor tops, traditional costumes or more contemporary clothing, these brands represent the richness and diversity of Breton heritage in the field of fashion.

The impact of Breton clothing brands on international fashion

An influence on fashion designers

Breton clothing brands have managed to transcend the region's borders to influence fashion designers around the world. Fashion icons such as Coco Chanel and Jean-Paul Gaultier were inspired by the Breton aesthetic, incorporating the sailor top and other elements characteristic of the region into their collections.

The popularization of the sailor top

The sailor top is now considered a wardrobe basic, worn by celebrities and influencers around the world. Its timeless and versatile style makes it a must-have for all ages and occasions. According to a 2020 study, 65% of French people have at least one sailor shirt in their wardrobe, testifying to the impact of Breton clothing brands on national and international fashion.

The reasons for the success of Breton clothing brands: authenticity, quality and adaptability

Authenticity and quality of products: a major asset

One of the main assets of Breton clothing brands lies in the authenticity and quality of their products. Drawing on local know-how and a rich heritage, these brands offer clothing that appeals with its history and durability.

Consumers, increasingly concerned about the provenance and ethics of the products they buy, appreciate this commitment to quality and local production. Natural materials and traditional manufacturing techniques are often favored, guaranteeing comfortable and durable products.

Adapting to current trends: a balance between tradition and modernity

Breton clothing brands have been able to adapt to current trends, offering modern collections while retaining their regional identity . By combining tradition and innovation, these brands attract a varied audience, seduced by the unique mix of styles and materials.

Whether by revisiting classics, such as the sailor top, or by offering new designs inspired by Breton culture, brands manage to reconcile past and present to offer timeless and distinctive fashion.

Promoting Breton identity: a differentiating factor

Breton identity is a key element in the success of the region's clothing brands. By highlighting the symbols, colors and patterns specific to Brittany, these brands differentiate themselves from the competition and arouse a strong attachment to their region of origin.

The feeling of belonging to the Breton community and the pride of wearing clothing reflecting this identity are important factors which contribute to the popularity of these brands.

Commitment to sustainable development: meeting consumer expectations

Many Breton clothing brands are also committed to sustainable development, whether by using ecological materials, favoring local production or supporting environmental initiatives.

This eco-responsible approach responds to the growing expectations of consumers, who are increasingly attentive to the environmental impact of their purchases. By reconciling fashion, quality and respect for the environment, Breton clothing brands are part of a current and sustainable trend, thus guaranteeing their long-term success.


Breton clothing brands are proof that regional fashion can have an international impact. By highlighting the authenticity, quality and history of the region, these brands have captured the hearts of fashion lovers around the world.

Whether it is the timeless sailor top, the traditional Breton costume or clothing inspired by maritime adventure, Breton clothing brands are a symbol of belonging and pride for Brittany and an example for others to follow. regions .

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