Comment faire un collier de surf ?

How to make a surf necklace?

Necklaces are one of the oldest types of fashion accessories used by humans . They were first worn thousands of years ago and continue to be an integral part of fashion today.

Necklaces are used to add beauty and symbolic meaning to an outfit, and can be made from many different materials, such as metal , gemstones , shells , and pearls .

Necklace styles have evolved over the centuries, from simple metal chains to intricate designs with pendants and stones. Necklaces can be chosen to complete an outfit or to convey a personal or spiritual message. Ultimately, necklaces remain a versatile fashion accessory that has been loved for generations.

Hawaiian leis are a symbol of love , empathy and Aloha . They are used on many occasions, including weddings , graduations , welcome events , and parties .

These floral ornaments worn around the neck serve spiritual, magical, religious, ceremonial and even funerary purposes. Hawaiians have also been donning puka shell necklaces for a long time. They were part of the culture of the native Hawaiians and were given to kings and queens around the world.

The meaning of the surf necklace

The meaning of the surf necklace

In the surf and beach culture of the 1970s, Southern California surfers began wearing a St. Christopher necklace as a symbol of good luck for their surf trips and swell -seeking adventures.

Saint Christopher is the protector of travelers and those who go on a journey. Today, there are surfer necklaces for every taste. And they become even more special when they are made by the person wearing them.

Our surf-inspired DIY necklace idea is light, colorful and comfortable to wear and suitable for all ages, men , women and children .

Here's how to make a surfer necklace

Here's how to make a surfer necklace


  • 100% cotton embroidery cords
  • Clasp
  • Adhesive tape

DIY Surfer Necklace Instructions

Here's how to make your first surfer necklace:

  1. Fold each colored string in half;
  2. Put all the embroidery strings together;
  3. Tie a knot at the top of the folded strings and secure it with tape to the table;
  4. Cut off the excess at the bottom so that all the colored strings are the same length;
  5. Start grabbing each colored thread and wrapping it around the others;
  6. To change the color pattern, find the next colored thread and start wrapping it around the other strings;
  7. Once you're done, create a small, loose loop with the last colored thread and pull it to make a tight knot;
  8. Make another loop and a second knot;
  9. Pass the clasp through the last colored thread;
  10. Tie a double knot to make sure it doesn't come undone;
  11. Repeat the previous knot to tie everything in place;
  12. Tie a final knot higher using the excess thread and cut the excess;
  13. On the other end of the necklace, pull one of the colored loops through the clasp;
  14. Take another string and tie a double knot to secure the clasp in place;
  15. Cut off the excess, and you're done;
  16. Remember that colors don't have to be the same length. You can display a two-inch navy blue followed by a one-inch light blue or mix several shades.

It's also up to you if you want them with different or similar lengths .

You can add one or more seashells , clamshells or vinyl disc beads to make it look even more surfy, summery and bohemian - just add them between steps 4 and 5.

Conclusion on how to make a surf necklace?

Well, my friends, we've been riding this creative wave together and, finally, here we are at the shore of the conclusion of this epic blog post on making surf necklaces. I hope your adventurous spirit and surfer heart have been delighted by this odyssey of surf jewelry creation.

Before leaving you with your board and your beads, here's a little recap to make sure you won't forget anything as you ride the waves of creation: choose the materials that inspire you, from driftwood to shells, including pearls and crystals. Weave your dreams with strong, adaptable threads like waxed cotton or nylon. And above all, let your surfer soul express itself through the patterns , colors and textures that you like.

Remember that, like surfing, creating a surf necklace is a personal and unique experience. So let go, take risks and, above all, have fun in this storm of creativity. And if you wipe out while trying to put on this rebellious pearl, don't panic! Get back on your board and ride the wave again until you master the art of making surf necklaces.

In conclusion, my fellow surfers, I wish you a life filled with surf tubes, beads and necklaces that will turn heads on the beach and beyond. Never forget that, like in life, sometimes you have to let yourself be carried by the waves to find inspiration. Aloha and see you soon for new creative adventures, my friends! Cowabunga!

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